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Just The Sports: ESPN Makes Me Cry

Just The Sports

Friday, January 27, 2006

ESPN Makes Me Cry

ESPN proclaims itself as the Worldwide Leader in Sports and far be it from me to dispute this claim since there really doesn't seem to be a serious competitor to ESPN's sports coverage. However, being the Worldwide Leader doesn't mean that ESPN is good at what they do or even cares about being a respectable sports news organization. ESPN should be so much better and it was at one point, and the fact that it isn't makes me cry.

The idea for ESPN Sportscenter was genius, cutting out the national and world news and focusing on only sports news, the only news a lot of people care about. Then Sportscenter got too caught up in its anchors and not enough in the actual sports. I don't know where this change finally came about, but I'm going to try to pin it down to an actual date. So here goes. The date when Sportscenter revealed to the country the fact it no longer wanted to be respectable is when they decided to hire Stuart Scott. You may say the date was when Outside the Lines became a daily show and it'd be hard to dispute that, but Stuart Scott with help from the likes of Dan Patrick, Jeremy Schaap, Mike Greenberg, and Linda Cohn helped turn ESPN into a joke.

Therefore, I have started my campaign to bring ESPN back to a place it hasn't visited in more than a decade. The place when ESPN was just the sports.


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