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Just The Sports: Western Conference Playoff Breakdown (Dallas vs. Memphis)

Just The Sports

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Western Conference Playoff Breakdown (Dallas vs. Memphis)

Dallas (4) vs. Memphis (5)

By now, the Memphis Grizzlies should be used to losing in the first round, and swept on top of that. In fact, they should damn near be pros at it. This year, the team, who will have the privilege of sending the Memphis Grizzlies home after the first round, is the Dallas Mavericks. Dallas's playoff seed, like that of the Los Angeles Clippers, is very misleading. Dallas actually has the second best record in the Western Conference and is most likely the third best team in the NBA despite what the seed next to its name says. Yet, even though Dallas did experience a large amount of success in the regular season, the games still must be played and the numbers still must be crunched in order to determine which team is more likely to win in this playoff matchup.

Dallas Offense: 112 points per 100 possessions
Memphis Defense: 102 points per 100 possessions

Memphis Offense: 106 points per 100 possessions
Dallas Defense: 105 points per 100 possessions

These statistics indicate Dallas has the more efficient offense between the two. Also, Dallas's defense is more efficient in relation to how efficient its offense is because at the end of 100 possessions, Dallas will be up by seven while Memphis will only be up by four.

Even this is not enough to help determine who will win the playoff series. Another helpful statistic is looking at the net PER ratings per position for each team. The PER rating was developed by John Hollinger.

Point Guard-Starting off the net production matches sees Dallas's point guards quickly taking the lead. They have a net production of +0.9 to Memphis's -1.5. Advantage: Dallas

Shooting Guard-At this position, Memphis has the slightest of advantages over Dallas (+3.9 to +3.6). Advantage: Memphis

Small Forward-Dallas also outproduces Memphis at the small forward position, +0.3 to -0.8. Advantage: Dallas

Power Forward-Dallas's European power forward is better than Memphis's European power forward. In the same vein, Dallas's power forwards outproduce Memphis's power forwards, +8.6 to +1.9. Advantage: Dallas

Center-Memphis bounces back to get more net production out its centers than the Dallas Mavericks does out of theirs (+2.4 to +0.4). Advantage: Memphis

Prediction: Dallas wins this series in no more than five games.

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