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Just The Sports: Francoeur Good At One Thing (Not So Good At Others)

Just The Sports

Friday, July 07, 2006

Francoeur Good At One Thing (Not So Good At Others)

Yesterday, during the Braves-Reds Game, my favorite whipping boy Jeff Francoeur singled to left field with two outs in the 10th inning to drive in the winning run and while reading the recap, I learned that Francoeur leads the majors in RBI with two outs with 33 RBI. The notoriety of that statistic can be called into question, but Francoeur does have an impressive .302 BA/RISP and 5.5 Clutch and I will gladly give him credit for that..

Learning about Francoeur's prowess in the RBI (overrated statistic) category led me to wonder what other offensive categories Francoeur leads the league in or comes close to being in the lead (within the top 5). To make the comparisons a little more accurate, I only compared Francoeur's stats to other MLB qualifying right fielders.

EqA-3rd least (.192)

BA-3rd least (.258)

OPS-3rd least (.714)

Pitchers per Plate Appearance-2nd least (3.20)

Runs Created per 27 Outs-1st least (3.81)

Walks per Plate Appearance-1st least (.022)

Walks per Strikeout-1st least (.011)

VORP-1st least (-8.3)

If that does not prove to you how worthless the RBI is in painting an accurate portrait of a player, then nothing will.


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