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Just The Sports: Welcome Back, Peter

Just The Sports

Monday, July 24, 2006

Welcome Back, Peter

Peter King is finally back from vacation and ready to put his idiocy back on display for myself and the world to enjoy. The odd thing is I actually agreed with a few of the points he made during his article so either King got smarter during his month-long vacation or I have gotten dumber. However, there is one thing that Peter King thinks that demonstrates that even if he has gotten smarter, there are still vestiges of idiocy left in him.

7. I think it's insane that the Vikings haven't given Brad Johnson a bump up from his $1.2 million deal. Teams with legitimate playoff hopes don't let a Super Bowl-winning quarterback play for the lowest veteran starting salary. Pony up, Zygi.

That is reason number one why no one should ever hire Peter King as their general manager. The Vikings should do everything in their power to avoid giving a raise to Brad Johnson. Professional sports franchises are not around to play players what the players think they are worth; if they did that, they would find themselves hemorrhaging cash. Instead, a smart franchise will get as much production per dollar out of their players as possible and the Vikings have a good shot of maximizing their dollar by paying Johnson the veteran starting salary.

Also, Trent Dilfer won a Super Bowl so King's reasoning behind the suggested pay raise is suspect at the least.


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