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Just The Sports: Why Does Everyone Hate Notre Dame?

Just The Sports

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Why Does Everyone Hate Notre Dame?

More importantly, why do the sports media become so indignant when coachs and players refuse to answer their questions. As I write this I am feeling extremely hyperbolic so I am going to say that 100% of the questions asked by reporters do not deserve answers. These questions are infantile, asinine, and so elementary half of them could be answered by anyone who took the time to watch the action on the field. The other half could be answered by employing even an ounce of common fucking sense.

I have been a live witness to a couple post-game player interviews and watched in shock as accrediated media members posed such imbecilic queries. One instance in particular sticks out in my mind. After Arizona State scored a last second touchdown against Carolina, a reporter asked Carolina safety, Dexter Reid, I kid you not, "What happened on that last play?" The answer is obvious, of course. There was a defensive breakdown, the other team scored, and won the game, but the reporter still asked as if Reid was going to regale the reporters gathered with a story of how aliens possessed his teammates' minds for a few seconds, rendering them unable to stop any opposing receiver.

Even worse is the "How do you feel about the game?" after a team suffers a crushing defeat. Gerry McNamara was asked this question after he scored only two points against Texas A&M in the first round of the NCAA Tournament and his last collegiate game. His reply: "I feel great about it. My last game that we lost, probably because of me."

And then reporters wonder why no one has time to answer their questions.

Tom Dienhart is one such reporter who is sticking up for two of his fellow brethren who asked: "Can Notre Dame maintain principles and athletic dominance?" Weis, in a great move, banned the two reporters from asking him any more questions, but later allowed them to waste his time. His behavior prompted Dienhart to refer to him as a bully and Biff Weis, a mature reaction indeed by a journalist.

That question could have been answered without the help of Weis, but that would have required the reporters to think and reporters hate thinking. Canned responses will suit them just fine, though.

Dienhart then goes on to report this story told him by a head coach who faced Notre Dame last year.

"Weis is arrogant as hell," the coach told me. "I couldn't even talk to him before the game. I tried to. It was a one-sided conversation. After asking him about six different questions and getting little to no answer, I went to the other end of the field."

Keep in mind that this was before the game and not after it and Weis probably could care less about shooting the breeze with anyone. He is getting paid to win football games, not make friends with opposing coaches who are only distracting him with their pointless small talk.

I can only surmise as to the identity of the opposing head coach, but I am willing to bet someone else's money it was either Pete Carroll or Philip Fulmer. Pete Carroll just seems like the type who would ask you a bunch of questions pertaining to the weather and your health and call it conversation and Philip Fulmer already has a reputation for tattling on others.


  • It was Joe Tiller, the inept malcontent from Purdue

    By Blogger Flash, at 1:47 AM  

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