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Just The Sports: Math 101

Just The Sports

Monday, February 06, 2006

Math 101

With the Los Angeles Clippers recent win over Toronto Raptors, their record now stands at 28-17. It has become popular, and wrongfully so, to say that now for the first time in the Clippers history, the team is 11 games over .500. Anyone who thinks about this for more than 3 seconds knows this conclusion is incorrect.

For the Clippers to be 11 games over .500, they would have had to win 22 more games than they lost. To figure out how many games above .500 a team is, one must take the difference between wins and losses and divide that by 2. When that is done, the Clippers are actually only 5.5 games above .500. The fact that no one else has caught this is disturbing because these are people who paid to provide correct information to their viewers and readers.

There is a big difference between winning 11 more games than you've lost and being 11 games over .500.


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