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Just The Sports: Western Conference Playoff Breakdown (Phoenix vs. Los Angeles Clippers)

Just The Sports

Monday, May 08, 2006

Western Conference Playoff Breakdown (Phoenix vs. Los Angeles Clippers)

Phoenix (2) vs. LA Clippers (6)

Congratulations should go out to the Los Angeles Clippers for winning their first playoff series in thirty years. Too bad they have never won a second round playoff series and too bad they will not win one this year because they are playing a superior team in the Phoenix Suns. On the bright side they shouldn't have to wait another thirty years to win another playoff series.

Phoenix Offense: 112 points per 100 possessions
Los Angeles Defense: 103 points per 100 possessions

Los Angeles Offense: 105 points per 100 possessions
Phoenix Defense: 106 points per 100 possessions

The Phoenix Suns play at a more efficient level than the Los Angeles Clippers. However, if Los Angeles can play at the tempo they prefer rather than the tempo the Phoenix Suns enjoy, it will help them play more competitively.

Phoenix Jump Shot Offense: 62.8 pts
Los Angeles Jump Shot Defense: 43.9 pts

Phoenix Close Offense: 23.3 pts
Los Angeles Close Defense: 24.5 pts

Phoenix Dunk Offense: 6.7 pts
Los Angeles Dunk Defense: 6.4 pts

Phoenix Tips Offense: 1.2 pts
Los Angeles Tips Defense: 1.3 pts

Looking at these numbers, it is pretty obvious where Los Angeles should focus its defensive concentration. Whether or not the Clippers will be able to stop Phoenix's jump shooting ability is anyone's guess, but they will have to if they want to win this series.

Los Angeles Jump Shot Offense: 49.0 pts
Phoenix Jump Shot Defense: 52.1 pts

Los Angeles Close Offense: 22.2 pts
Phoenix Close Defense: 25.3 pts

Los Angeles Dunk Offense: 4.5 pts
Phoenix Dunk Defense: 6.7 pts

Los Angeles Tips Offense: 0.8 pts
Phoenix Tips Defense: 1.3 pts

Once again, we have an example of a team's defense matching up well against the way its opponent likes to play offense. In this case, Phoenix can play its usual porous defense and not be too worse for the wear.

On to the net PER to chart which teams gets the most production out of its players.

Point Guard: Steve Nash is not the best point guard in the NBA, but he is better than any point guard the Clippers put on the court. +6.6 to -0.1. Advantage: Phoenix

Shooting Guard: Each team's shooting guards perform worse than their competition, but Phoenix's are less worse. -0.5 to -4.9. Advantage: Phoenix

Small Forward: The same goes for this position, but Los Angeles has the less worse small forwards. -0.3 to -2.8. Advantage: Los Angeles

Power Forward: Los Angeles has the advantage when it comes to this position as well. +9.2 to +3.4. Advantage: Los Angeles

Center: Phoenix has the slight edge when it comes to the center position. +2.2 to +1.3. Advantage: Phoenix

Prediction: Phoenix wins this series in six games.


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