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Just The Sports: Reggie Bush, You Lied To Me

Just The Sports

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Reggie Bush, You Lied To Me

Remember when Reggie Bush adamantly instructed his agent, Joel Segal, to avoid a training camp holdout at all costs? You may not so let me refresh your memory. Two weeks after the draft when the investigation into how his family lived in a house worth $757,237 virtually rent-free was still going on and with the threat of a lawsuit from the marketing company who paid for the house under the premise that Bush would let said company represent him after he declared for the draft and no doubt in a desperation move to garner some goodwill among his new fan base, Bush said this...

"I told my agent I want to be in here in camp on time ... whatever it takes, I want to be in camp on time," he said Saturday at the team's minicamp. "I think it is important to start off on a good foot and a good note, not only with the team but the city."

While Bush should be applauded for trying to get himself off to a good start with the city of New Orleans, there can be no doubt now that he was spewing out a pack of lies. Bush is the sort of player who says the right things, but says them not because he particularly thinks these words represent the truth or has any intention to honor his words, but because they are the most politically correct statements he can make at the time.

Now that journalists have stopped digging up new information about his agreement with the marketing company so his family could live comfortably for nothing, the Downtown Athletic Club is no longer threatening to take away his Heisman Trophy, the NCAA has done nothing to declare him ineligible or take away victories from USC, and the media have moved on to their newest story, Bush obviously feels free to be the person he really is, which is just another athlete who wants to be paid as much as possible and who will hold out for the contract he wants. There is nothing wrong with holding out for a contract that will not be entirely guaranteed anyway, but there is no reason to make insincere statements about how you want to be best friends with everyone in the city when what you really mean is you want to deflect attention away from the fact your college eligibility was non-existent for at least one year.


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