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Just The Sports: Chris Leak

Just The Sports

Monday, September 18, 2006

Chris Leak

During the Florida-Tennessee game, one of the CBS announcers said something to the effect that Chris Leak plays better as the game goes along and has his best performances in the fourth quarters. Maybe the announcer was limiting his comment only to Saturday night SEC games against Tennesse, but after I went back through the play-by-play data of Leak's career as a full-time starter, it became evident that Leak does not necessarily get progressively better from the first quarter to the fourth quarter, but there is one quarter where he does most of his damage to the opponents' defense scoring-wise and that quarter is the second one.

Chris Leak split time with Ingle Martin for the first half of his freshman season and so I did not do any charting for that season as he did not have enough time to exhibit any tendencies. Instead, I focused on his 2004 and 2005 seasons. In 2004, the second quarter was by far the most productive quarter out of all of them. He threw the most passes in this quarter, had the highest completion percentage, the highest success rate for his passes, and the highest yards per attempt. Leak also threw ten of his touchdown passes in this quarter along with six of his interceptions.

Leak's junior year was his first season under Urban Meyer and he had a higher overall completion percentage, but he did lose almost a yard off of his average passing attempt. One thing remained the same, though, as the second quarter was again the quarter where Leak threw the most touchdown passes. The second quarter was not as dominant for Leak in other categories, though. He had his second highest completion percentage and his second highest success rate in this quarter, but only the third most yards per passing attempt. Still, given the fact the large majority of his pass attempts came in this quarter, to maintain such high rates is impressive.

Whether this is simply a Chris Leak trend or an overall quarterback trend, I do not know although I guess an overall quarterback trend, but the second quarter will no doubt be the one in which Leak is most active, closely followed by the third quarter.


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