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Just The Sports: Like Cousin Like Cousin

Just The Sports

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Like Cousin Like Cousin

If Javarris James was trying to make his cousin, Edgerrin, feel better by sharing in Edgerrin's futility, well, he succeeded. James was not the only Miami back to have a bad game as they did not even reach 100 rushing yards as a team (they came up 9 yards short), but since he is my new pet and still Miami's starting running back, I only care about what he does in a game.

James finished the night with 11 carries for 36 yards and if that was not bad enough, he decided it would be a good idea to fumble on Miami's 21-yard-line. Florida International, who only gained 114 total yards against Miami's defense, was unable to convert this turnover and good field position into points so James got a free pass with that miscue.

However, he and the Miami offensive line do not get a free pass for the rest of the night because he only had four successful runs out of his eleven carries. Even on those four successful runs, he only averaged an extra 2.75 yards, which is outweighed by the 4.3 average yards he needed on his seven failed runs. Not much went right for James, but playing against Duke next week will no doubt pump life back into his rushing totals as long as Tyrone Moss doesn't steal more of his carries.


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