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Just The Sports: Not Quite Mr. Javarris James This Week

Just The Sports

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Not Quite Mr. Javarris James This Week

After an impressive performance against the University of Houston, cousin of Edgerrin (you can tell by the double "r" in their first names), Javarris James, gave it another go, this time against a porous University of North Carolina defense, for whom rushing defense has been mostly a ceremonial title thus far. James finished with 114 rushing yards, 7.1 yards per carry and one touchdown, which are totals that would suggest a spectacular game, but once a glimpse is taken beneath the surface, those numbers look less impressive and certainly less dominating overall.

On the day, he had a rushing success rate of 60%, lower than his 75% success rate last week against Houston. During his successful runs, he averaged 8 extra yards and for his failed runs, he lacked an average of 4.5 yards per run. Even though it appears as if he did much better on his successful runs, 83.6% of the extra yardage came on his 62-yard touchdown run on 2nd and 3. When that run is removed from the equation, he only netted 1.5 extra yards per successful run so at least for today, James had a much higher total value as a running back than he did value per play. Last week, it was much more even.

For those wondering, I do plan to keep an eye on young Javarris James in the coming weeks to mark his production as a running back.


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