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Just The Sports: Mr. Javarris James

Just The Sports

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Mr. Javarris James

In a conversation with the incomparable Flash Warner, I mentioned that I really liked Miami's freshman running back, Javarris James, and also remarked that he should get a lot more carries than he had gotten. Well, he did get a higher number of rushes in the game against Houston (as many as he had gotten in the first 3 games) and he rewarded the coaching staff's confidence by running for 148 yards on 18 carries and scoring one touchdown.

Not only did James amass a lot of yards, but he gained necessary yards for the Miami Hurricanes and then some with his rushing success rate of 66.7%. Of the 18 carries James was given, 12 were successful runs and averaged 8.1 extra yards than the minimum successful yardage with a large portion of the credit for that number going to a 44-yard run on 3rd and 2. He also had two receptions that gained enough yardage to make it easier for the Hurricanes to continue to move the ball and get first downs.

Despite having such a great rushing night, not all of James's runs were worth a whole lot. He did have 6 unsuccessful runs and on these runs he missing gaining a significant amount of yardage based on the down by 3.0 yards per failed run, more than twice fewer than the extra yardage he gained on successful downs. Oddly enough, all of James's 6 failed runs came on first down so Miami's offense was at a disadvantage after letting James run on first down since he was putting them in a 2nd and 7 situation on average after these failed rushes.


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