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Just The Sports: When Good Coordinators Leave Pt. II

Just The Sports

Thursday, September 21, 2006

When Good Coordinators Leave Pt. II

Since I already established a link between Mark Richt's departure and a very noticeable decline in Florida State's offensive output in my previous post, I was curious to see if his arrival in Athens, Georgia provided a boost to Georgia's offense in comparison to what the Jim Donnan-led Georgia offenses from 1996-2000 were able to accomplish.

What I found was that there was no statisically significant differnce between the two coaching tenures so Richt has not improved offensively over Donnan nor have his Georgia teams matched his Florida State teams in terms of passing yards and completion percentages. If there were any difference between the Donnan-led offenses and Richt-led offenses, it is that Richt has been the head of more consistent offensive play, having lower standard deviations in all the categories I looked at besides average yards per catch and average points per game.

When looking solely at conference opponents, the results were the same, with average points per game being the only statistic where offenses under Jim Donnan had a lower standard deviation.

Yet, despite having similar offenses, Mark Richt has won an average of 10.2 games a season to Jim Donnan's 8 wins a season and the Richt advantage has a lot to do with his defenses giving up fewer points. Although Richt has coached 6 more games than Donnan did at Georgia, his teams have given up 142 fewer points so it turns out the head coach with the expertise in offense has improved Georgia's defense the most.


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