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Just The Sports: What Was The Point?

Just The Sports

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

What Was The Point?

Losing Marques Tuiasosopo to free agency should not provide the impetus for an NFL team to sign someone like Josh Booty, who has spent his life waffling between baseball and football, played two uninspiring years in college at LSU, been away from football since 2003, and never attempted a pass in the NFL. As comforting as it might be to have more than one quarterback on the active roster, the signing of Booty provides no positive benefit to the Oakland Raiders.

Outside of allowing Lane Kiffin to have at least one Booty (albeit the older, less capable brother) on the roster, Booty will perform no other action than to allow the Raiders to throw their money away. Despite his advanced age-at 31, Booty is seven years older than incumbent quarterback Andrew Walter-Booty will not be able to serve as any kind of quarterback mentor to the destined for mediocrity Walter, never mind performing well on the football field. Having completed a lower percentage of his pass attempts in college than Walter leaves Booty in the unenviable position of being a worse quarterback than an awful one. Indeed, unless the Raiders want Walter to earn a master's degree in throwing more interceptions than touchdowns, they would be well advised to ban any contact between Booty and Walter.

What makes the signing of Booty even more troubling is that it comes on the heels of several head-scratching, idiotic, and mind-numbingly bad quarterback decisions made by the Raiders. Not every NFL franchise will be able to have a couple of serviceable quarterbacks, but that is no reason for a team to go out of its way to sign inept ones, which is what the Raiders seem to be doing, perhaps for amusement's sake only.



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