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Just The Sports: Carl Pavano's Wedding Plans

Just The Sports

Monday, May 21, 2007

Carl Pavano's Wedding Plans

New York Yankees infrequent starting pitcher Carl Pavano has recently announced his intentions to marry the Disabled List on whom he has spent so much time over the past two years. In order to avoid extra and unwanted attention given to his relationship with the Disabled List, Pavano has made the decision to wed the Disabled List in a small, private ceremony in his hometown of New Britain, Connecticut, with only his closest friends and family members in attendance.

The betrothed have known each other for a total of six years, first meeting when Pavano went on the Disabled List on March 23, 2001 and stayed on it for most of the 2001 MLB season, but Pavano remembers that it was definitely not love at first sight. "When the Disabled List and I met for the first time, we had a few laughs and a few good times, but when it came to the start of the 2002 season, I realized I just wasn't ready for a long-term relationship with the Disabled List," Pavano recalled. "It just wasn't the right time for either of us, but we promised that if fate was ever kind enough to bring us back together, that we would give it another shot."

Fate did smile on Pavano and the Disabled List almost as soon as he signed a four-year, $39.95 million contract with the Yankees. Since he and the Disabled List reacquainted themselves with each other on July 7, 2005, they have been almost inseparable except for a handful of fights that saw Pavano pitch again, only to return to the Disabled List more committed to her than ever.

"Maybe it was my greater maturity at the age of 29 or the fact I had finally achieved guaranteed financial security as a professional baseball player, whether I pitched or not, but I fell in love with the Disabled List almost immediately. I can't imagine my life without her now and I don't see myself ever straying too far away from her in the future.

"Although I knew I loved her, I never thought about marrying the Disabled List until I was talking to my friend and he told me if I loved the Disabled List so much, why didn't I just marry her. So I am."

The Disabled List also expressed strong feelings for Carl Pavano and acknowledges she can't wait to get married to him. "Not to brag, but I have had a lot of baseball players give me attention and spend time with me," the Disabled List stated. "Even so, I don't think I've ever had a player who made me feel as loved and as appreciated as Carl does. I know he won't ever leave me and that's why I said yes after he proposed. What Carl and I have together, no amount of corrective surgery or fans' ire or not wanting to let his teammates down is going to be able to tear us apart."



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