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Just The Sports: National League Hitting Streaks

Just The Sports

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

National League Hitting Streaks

Just like the American League has had a slew of hitters who have amassed hitting streaks of at least fourteen games, the National League also has its share, fourteen to be exact, which includes Jose Reyes (14 games), Matt Holliday (14 % 15 games), Rich Aurilia (14 games), Rafael Furcal (15 games), Willy Taveras (15 games), Yadier Molina (15 games), Aaron Rowand (16 games), David Wright (17 games), Derrek Lee (17 games), Juan Encarnacion (18 games), J.J. Hardy (19 games), Alfonso Soriano (20 games), Randy Winn (20 games), and Brandon Phillips (22 games).

While on the whole, the National League's hitting streaks are incapable of inspiring much awe, Aaron Rowand of the Philadelphia Phillies and J.J. Hardy of the Milwaukee Brewers managed to set themselves head and shoulders above their junior circuit brethren. Rowand did it by hitting .435 BA/.493 OBP/.790 SLG/.419 GPA over sixteen games and Hardy accomplished the feat by hitting .418 BA/.459 OBP/.835 SLG/.415 GPA during nineteen straight games and his .418 isolated power was the highest among the fourteen players.

When it comes to the most anemic hitting streak, Taveras ran away with the distinction by "only" cobbling together a batting line of .366 BA/.370 OBP/.437 SLG/.276 GPA, no small feat when three other players had gross product averages (GPA) that only hovered around .300.

In that battle of his own hitting streaks, Matt Holliday's fourteen-game hitting streak (.467 BA/.484 OBP/.717 SLG/.397 GPA) narrowly edged out his fifteen-game hitting streak (.419 BA/.446 OBP/.661 SLG/.366 GPA), but both of them were impressive unlike Jeter's two hitting streaks where only one was memorable.

As I did the other day, here are the other hitters' numbers which I have not already given you in the body of the post: Jose Reyes (.381 BA/.426 OBP/.540 SLG/.327 GPA), Rich Aurilia (.368 BA/.383 OBP/.526 SLG/.304 GPA), Rafael Furcal (.462 BA/.507 OBP/.585 SLG/.374 GPA), Yadier Molina (.373 BA/.389 OBP/.471 SLG/.293 GPA), David Wright (.343 BA/.413 OBP/.597 SLG/.335 GPA), Derrek Lee (.400 BA/.451 OBP/.613 SLG/.356 GPA), Juan Encarnacion (.304 BA/.351 OBP/.580 SLG/.303 GPA), Alfonso Soriano (.372 BA/.407 OBP/.616 SLG/.337 GPA), Randy Winn (.388 BA/.409 OBP/.565 SLG/.325 GPA), and Brandon Phillips (.351 BA/.366 OBP/.588 SLG/.312 GPA).



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