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Just The Sports: Fans Are Idiots, Too

Just The Sports

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Fans Are Idiots, Too

If there was any question about whether fans are the dumbest, most knee-jerk reactionary people on the planet, let all doubt be removed from your mind. One has only to look as far as Charlotte, NC to see supporting evidence of the fact.

The last time Keyshawn Johnson attended an NBA game in Charlotte he was viciously booed and security guards followed him out of the building to ensure his safety.

That was almost four months ago, when Johnson was a member of the Dallas Cowboys.

Now that he's a member of the Carolina Panthers, the wide receiver is one of the most popular guys in Charlotte.

Johnson received a rousing ovation shortly after settling into his courtside seat at Wednesday night's game between the Bobcats and the Memphis Grizzlies.

Over this span of four months, Keyshawn Johnson has not changed at all. His personality as a wide receiver who overvalues his talents is the same now as it was then. He is still a possession receiver who will not impress anyone with his speed. He will still get in the face of a quarterback or coach and demand he be thrown the ball more, with no thought to how this might disrupt team chemistry.

So what has changed, you ask? Nothing more than the colors on Keyshawn's uniform. Does this make sense to anyone? How can a group of people go from hating a guy so much he fears for his safety to a few months later giving the same guy a standing ovation? Are fans' memories that short? Or is it something else entirely?

To answer my own question, something like this can only happen because fans are the most hypocritical part of sports. They pretend loyalty, talking about how they love a particular player and how the player embodies everything the fans hold dear in their lives. While this may very well be true at the time, if this same player were to switch to a rival team, no time would pass before the same fans would be calling this same player a traitor and blaming him for everything wrong with sports all because he wanted financial security in his life.

Having to endure two-faced treatment like that day in and day out for the length of their careers, it is no wonder the majority of players hate fans.


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