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Just The Sports: Ignorance Abounds

Just The Sports

Friday, April 07, 2006

Ignorance Abounds

Sports radio is truly in a sorry state. Rather than being bothered with fact checking or research, sports radio hosts instead equate good insight with shouting the loudest, coming up with the most hyperboles, and hanging up on callers who disagree with their views. And if that wasn't already bad enough, there are instances where sports radio hosts put aside talking about sports for a few minutes to tackle real-life social issues. Of course, the hosts who do this are usually as uninformed about the real-life social issues they do not get paid to talk about as they are about the sports issues they do get paid to talk about. All of which brings me to Stephen A. Smith and Brandon Tierney.

Stephen A. Smith and Brandon Tierney, co-hosts of the Stephen A. Smith show, are two of the more infuriating hosts when it comes to trying to sound like they have read more than two books in their lifetimes. When they are not waxing idiotic about the hot sports topic of the day, they find them to put their ignorance on display by tackling racial issues. Today, though, they outdid themselves by pretending they know anything about the death penalty.

During the conversation on the topic, the question came up whether or not they supported the death penalty. Of course they both did. Then Brandon Tierney, in an effort to explain why he supports the death penalty, said, "For those of you who don't support the death penalty, just look at your taxes next time you get them. It costs $30,000 more a year to keep an inmate on Death Row..."

That is where I stopped listening and started searching for a gun with which to blow my brains out. Unfortunately, there was none. Never mind that there's probably not an item on your W-2 form that lists death row. How could Brandon think that was an argument to support the death penalty? That's one of the strongest arguments opponents of the death penalty use. More importantly, why wasn't there someone to correct him and tell him that no, he shouldn't use arguments he doesn't understand to explain beliefs he has never fully developed.

Or better yet, the producers who oversee these sports radio shows should use their "bleep" buttons to "bleep" out every asinine statement that comes out of the hosts' mouths. At least then their ignorance wouldn't be allowed to run free over the air waves.


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