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Just The Sports: Sticking Up For Women's Sports

Just The Sports

Monday, April 03, 2006

Sticking Up For Women's Sports

Mondays mean only one thing, which is Peter King will rise above the ranks of all other mediocre sports writers and demonstrate that his idiocy is greater than his colleagues. This time, though, it is not a factual error or a contradictory statement Peter is guilty of. Instead, he has shown himself to be a chauvinist.

Not for one second do I think he is the only chauvinist in sports, but in keeping with my agenda against him, he is the one I will attack on this particular occasion. I will admit that I, like most sports fans, consider sports involving men to be more exciting, but I would never make such a ludicrous statement as this...

I found it incredulous that the semifinals of the women's Final Four, the opening game of the baseball season, featuring the world champion White Sox, was on ESPN Sunday night, shuttling the baseball game to ESPN2.

Incredulous, huh? Let's example the two games for a moment, taking into account the significance of both. On the one hand, you have the national semifinals of the women's college basketball, the second most important game of the season, where the teams are vying for a spot in the national championship game and a chance to say that for the 2005-06 season, that they were the best women's college basketball team in the nation. In other words, these four teams are on the cusp of validating their entire seasons: all the hours of practicing, fighting through injuries, actually having to go to class because they have to graduate, and also putting it out of their minds that most people consider their sport insignificant.

Then you have opening day of the baseball season, one game out of 162. This is a game that means absolutely nothing and which will probably have no bearing on the rest of the season, unless a star player suffers a catastrophic injury. No one will even remember the outcome of the game by the time the All-Star Break rolls around and Peter King wants to put it on ESPN over games that will be remembered for the rest of lifetimes. No championship will be lost or won based on the opening day of the baseball season. The same cannot be said for the women's Final Four games.

What that means is that a huge number of TV households, including mine, had the choice of watching the Maryland-North Carolina women in high-def or the debut of baseball for the year in non-high-def -- because most cable subscribers don't get ESPN2 in high-def.

Cry me a fucking river. A huge number of TV households, including mine, don't have high-definition televisions at all. And please don't act like a TV without high-defintion is like watching a game in black and white.

I can see ESPN ditching a September baseball game for a September NFL game, but for a women's basketball game?

This wasn't a September baseball game. It was an April baseball game. Seriously, proofread your articles before you submit them to your editors.

And this April baseball game he thinks is so important constitutes .6% of baseball's regular season.

Having had two daughters play sports, I love women's sports and I watched a good chunk of the Duke-UConn regional final last week, but to demote the first game of the baseball season below a women's game? I can't believe that makes ratings sense or common sense.

I have to tip my cap to Peter for actually thinking playing the "I can't be racist because I have a black friend" card would actually help making his argument more credible. It takes a man well-versed in stupidity to think that.

What does he expect the fact he has two daughters who plays sports to prove? That he can't be a chauvinistic pig because he has watched a women's game or two? Come on.


  • Great post! I totally agree that King's remarks were utterly chuavinistic and commented it on my blog after reading yours. It good to see a gender-concious sports blogger "sticking up for women's sports". Keep up the good work!

    By Blogger Christina, at 3:01 PM  

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