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Just The Sports: NCAA Tournament Running Diary Pt. 4

Just The Sports

Sunday, March 26, 2006

NCAA Tournament Running Diary Pt. 4

Florida vs. Villanova

5:12-Florida wins the opening tip. Horford, with a nice low post move, scores. Florida 2, Villanova 0.

5:14-Foye makes a 3 pointer. Villanova 3, Florida 2.

5:14-Florida answers with a quick Noah make. Florida 4, Villanova 3.

5:15-So Nardi is still alive. He makes a lay-up off a rebound of his own miss.

5:15-Noah jumps over Lowry and lays the ball in plus the foul. He makes the free throw. Florida 7, Villanova 3.

5:16-Nardi, suffering from a case of over-confidence, takes a 3 pointer and misses it.

5:16-Despite Villanova's heigh disadvantage, they have been able to get numerous offensive boards.

5:17-Nardi hits a 3 pointer. Villanova 8, Florida 7.

5:17-Horford muscles up a shot. Florida 9, Villanova 8.

5:18-Foye makes both of his free throws. Villanove 10, Florida 9.

5:18-Another offensive rebound by Villanova.

5:19-Nardi misses another 3-pointer. He certainly is taking a lot of shots for someone who was scoreless the two games previous to this one.

5:22-Florida easily breaks Villanova's press. Horford misses a jump shot. Nardi gets the rebound. Foye hits a jumper. Villanova 12, Florida 9.

5:23-Horford rebounds his own miss and dunks the putback.. Villanova 12, Florida 11.

5:23-Villanova continues their good shooting (minus Nardi). This time Allan Ray hits the jumper. Villanova 14, Florida 11.

5:24-Noah makes 1 of 2 from the free throw line. Villanova 14, Florida 13.

5:25-Okay, Nardi, stop shooting. He misses another one.

5:26-Steal by Lowry leads to a missed lay-up by Mike Nardi.

5:26-Ray gets a technical foul for putting the ball on the head of Florida's Hodge. Yes, it was as silly as it sounds. Taurean Green makes both technical free throws. Florida 17, Villanova 14.

5:29-Brewer hits a 3-pointer. Five point swing after the Ray technical. Florida 20, Villanova 14.

5:30-Cunningham (Villanova) picks up his second foul with 12 minutes left in the game.

5:34-Shane Clark hits a 2-pointer for Villanova.

5:35-Humphrey hits a 3-pointer for Florida. Florida 22, Villanova 16.

5:36-Florida gets a lay-up off a fast break. Florida 24, Villanova 16.

5:41-Nardi's fantastic outlet pass leads to a Ray dunk. Florida 27, Villanova 18.

5:42-This time Nardi misses a finger roll shot. Of course, having the shot partially blocked by Joakim Noah didn't help matters.

5:48-Florida continues to dominate Villanova's unimpressive front line. Horford muscles up a low-post shot. Florida 29, Villanova 21.

5:49-Taurean Green (Florida) hits two free throws. Florida 31, Villanova 21. 5 minutes, 20 seconds remaining in the first half.

5:51-Huertas gets the putback for Florida. Florida 33, Villanova 21.

5:52-Foye gets fouled and hits two free throws. Florida 33, Villanova 23.

5:59-Florida continues to get offensive rebounds over Villanova. However, Huerta wastes his offensive rebound by traveling and turning the ball over. Florida 35, Villanova 25.

6:00-Villanova's guards have been repeatedly driving the ball too deep, getting caught among Florida's big men, and either having to kick it out to an inconsistent shooter or forcing up a bad shot. Not a formula for success.

6:03-Foye hits 2 free throws. Florida 35, Villanova 29.

6:04-Nardi has finally found a shot he can hit. Too bad he can't even hit that shot consistently. 1 of 2 from the free throw line. Florida 35, Villanova 30.

6:06-Halftime score: Florida 35, Villanova 30.

6:27-Villanova turns the ball over in record fashion. Only fifteen seconds into the second half.

6:30-Nardi continues to miss shots. Whoever gave him the green light needs to turn it off immediately. Billy Packer blames Nardi's poor shooting on a recent bout with tonsilitis. I blame it on Nardi being a shitty player.

6:33-Foye picks up his third foul with 18 minutes to go in the game. Florida 39, Villanova 33.

6:35-Lowry now has his third foul. 17 minutes to go.

6:37-Humphrey (Florida) misses a 3-pointer on successive possessions from the exact same spot on the court. I'd be surprised if his teammates passed him the ball again. Florida 43, Villanova 38.

6:38-Lowry gets his fourth foul three minutes after he gets his third. If that isn't having a high basketball IQ, I don't know what is. Hey, at least he can say he wasn't on the court when Florida blew the game wide open.

6:42-If you didn't know already, and how could you, with CBS keeping it such a secret, Tiger Woods is doing an interview tonight on 60 Minutes with Ed Bradley.

6:44-Mike Nardi's not in the game and if Villanova wants to have a chance to win, they will keep him on the bench.

6:46-Allan Ray, not wanting to be outdone by his teammates, commits his third foul. Nardi comes back in. Bad things are bound to happen to Villanova. Villanova 45, Florida 40.

6:51-Florida turns the ball over twice, but Villanova is unable to capitalize. If either team wants to win, they're certainly doing a good job of keeping it a secret. Florida 45, Villanova 42.

6:54-You'll never believe this, but Nardi missed another shot.

6:54-Taurean Green banks home a shot from the lane. Florida 47, Villanova 42.

6:55-Four-foul Lowry makes his return.

6:55-Corey Brewer (Florida) smokes weed. No one's lips are that black naturally. Florida 49, Villanova 42.

6:57-Corey Brewer gets his 4th foul with 9 minutes left in the game. Florida 51, Villanova 42.

6:59-After Villanova hits two free throws, Taurean Green hits a 3 to extend Florida's lead to ten. Florida 54, Villanova 44.

7:00-Fraser makes 1 of 2 free throws, making the first and missing the second. Instead of rebounding the ball, Horford spikes it out of bounds. Ray takes advantage of the extra possession by hitting a running. Florida 54, Villanova 47.

7:01-Humphrey's teammates did pass him the ball again. They were rewarded with another missed 3. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.

7:06-Humphrey changes spots on the court and hits a 3. Florida 59, Villanova 48. 6 minutes, 23 seconds remaining.

7:07-Huertas fouls Nardi sending him to the line. Nardi hits both of them. Florida 59, Villanova 50.

7:09-Joakim Noah, Florida's 6'11 forward, steals the ball from one of Villanova's guards. He is fouled right before he makes a lay-up and makes both free throws. Florida 61, Villanova 50.

7:13-Five minutes remaining. Florida 62, Villanova 54.

7;14-Lee Humphrey misses another 3-pointer. He and Nardi are going to take their worse shooter in the game duel down to the final seconds.

7:14-Joakim Noah throws down a ferocious dunk. Florida 64, Villanova 54. 3 minutes, 26 seconds remaining.

7:17-Lowry continues the Villanova guard tradition of driving too deeply and forcing up a bad shot. He might as well foul out if that's all he's going to do.

7:18-And right on cue, Lowry gets his 5th foul. Florida 66, Villanova 54. 2 minutes, 19 seconds remaining.

7:23-Despite the fact the ball was possessed by no one and was lying on the court beside the pile of players, the referees still call a jump ball.

7:30-Randy Foye fouls out because he could. Florida 75, Villanova 62.

7:31-Final Score: Florida 75, Villanova 62. But more important than that score is who won worse shooter between Nardi and Humphrey. And the winner is...

Mike Nardi (Villanova): 2 for 11 FG


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