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Just The Sports: NCAA Tournament Running Diary Pt. 3

Just The Sports

Sunday, March 26, 2006

NCAA Tournament Running Diary Pt. 3

UCONN vs. George Mason

2:40-UConn wins the tip. Marcus Williams misses a 3.

2:42-Hilton Armstrong (UConn) hits a jumper for the first two points of the game. UConn 2, George Mason 0.

2:43-Armstrong scores again. UConn 4, George Mason 0.

2:44-Bad pass by Armstrong leads to a turnover. George Mason takes advantage of it by turning the ball over themselves.

2:44-Rudy Gay hits a jumper. UConn 6, George Mason 0.

2:45-George Mason is finally rewarded for pounding the ball into the post by Jai Lewis getting a 3-point play.

2:46-Rudy Gay shoots an airball. The Rudy Gay Watch is on: 1 of 2, 2 pts.

2:47-Gay makes both free throws. UConn 8, George Mason 3.

2:47-Ill-advised alley-oop attempt by George Mason. However, they do retain possession leading Will Thomas scores from the low post. UConn 8, George Mason 5.

2:48-Hilton Armstrong is officially on fire. UConn 10, George Mason 5.

2:52-Jai Lewis fouled by Jeff Adrien of UConn. He makes 1 of 2. UConn 12, George Mason 6.

2:53-George Mason decides not to block out. Adria gets the rebound and the putback. UConn 14, George Mason 6.

2:55-Offensive rebound by George Mason allows them to miss another shot. They get another one and the ball finally goes into the basket for them. UConn 14, George Mason 8.

2:55-Rudy Gay makes another jumper. 2 of 3, 6 points.

2:56-Hernandez of George Mason hits George Mason's first 3 pointer. UConn 16, George Mason 8.

2:56-Surprisingly, Josh Boone hits two free throws for UConn.

2:57-Another 3-point opportunity for Jai Lewis. He misses the free throw. UConn 18, George 13.

2:58-Marcus Williams finds a cutting Jeff Adrien for a lay-up. UConn 20, George Mason 13.

3:02-Butler makes a 30-foot 3 pointer for George Mason. UConn 20, George Mason 16.

3:02-Jai Lewis whips a pass out of bounds. George Mason turnover.

3:04-So far in the game, Marcus Williams has been able to drive into the lane at will. Too bad he couldn't convert this time.

3:05-UConn's defense falls asleep. Armstrong tries to make up for it by goaltending George Mason's shot. UConn 20, George Mason 18.

3:06-Armstrong hits 1 free throw. On the second one, UConn commits a lane violation. You have to wonder just how stupid this team is. UConn 21, George Mason 18. 7 minutes, 31 seconds remaining.

3:10-Butler drives too far and commits an offensive foul. Two fouls on him.

3:11-Tony Skinn hits a wide open 3 off a fast break. UConn 21, George Mason 21.

3:12-Adrien makes an easy hook shot. UConn 23, George Mason 21.

3:12-Rudy Gay manages to miss two lay-ups. Fortunately for him, Adrien was there to clean up after him. UConn 25, George Mason 21.

3:13-Will Thomas scores for George Mason. UConn 25, George Mason 23.

3:13-Rashad Anderson rips a 3. UConn 28, George Mason 23.

3:14-Jai Lewis hits a 2 pointer. Turnover by UConn. Missed 3. Lewis gets the offensive rebound and is fouled. UConn is trying their hardest to keep George Mason in the game. And they are succeeding. UConn 28, George Mason 25.

3:18-Jai Lewis makes both free throws. UConn 28, George Mason 27.

3:19-Tony Skinn steals the ball. Passes the ball to Thomas, who is fouled hard by Armstrong. That makes two fouls for Armstrong, who takes a seat on the bench. Thomas hits both free throws. George Mason takes their first lead. George Mason 29, UConn 28.

3:21-Rudy Gay hits a 3. UConn 31, George Mason 29. That lead didn't last long.

3:21-Marcus Wiliams hits a 3. UConn 34, George Mason 29.

3:22-Folarin Campbell (George Mason) hits two free throws. UConn 34, George Mason 31.

3:23-Ed Nelson (UConn) converts the old fashioned 3-point play. UConn 37, George Mason 31.

3:24-Denham Brown 3 pointer. The rout is on. UConn 40, George Mason 31.

3:28-A Rudy Gay steal gives UConn possession with 31 seconds remaning in the first half. Timeout UConn.

3:29-George Mason loses Rashad Anderson on defense and it leads to him hitting a wide open 3-pointer. UConn 43, George Mason 31.

3:30-Folarin Campbell dribbles down the length of the floor and makes a finger roll while being foulded by Ed Nelson. .8 seconds remaining. Campbell makes the free throw. UConn misses the three-quarter court heave. UConn 43, George Mason 34.

3:30-Rudy Gay Watch (1st Half Stats) 3-7 FG. 7 points from the field. Shooting Efficiency: 1 point per shot.

3:53-George Mason on its first possession gets a Jai Lewis hook shot. UConn 43, George Mason 36.

3:54-UConn answers with a jumper from the top of the key. UConn 45, George Mason 36.

3:55-Hilton Armstrong forgets for a minute that Will Thomas is left-handed. Thomas hits a jump hook. UConn 45, George Mason 38.

3:56-Josh Boone gets his third foul and heads to the bench. UConn won't miss his presence on the court.

3:57-Campbell for 3. UConn 47, George Mason 41.

3:59-Will Thomas has been a beast on the boards. UConn could block him out, but to do that would mean they care about winning this game.

4:02-Lewis has his shot blocked by Armstrong.

4:03-Reach-in foul on Rudy Gay. His second.

4:04-Tony Skinn drives to the basket and hits a floater. UConn has yet to put together a complete game in this tournament. UConn 47, George Mason 43.

4:05-Butler hits a 3 pointer. UConn 47, George Mason 46.

4:07-Jeff Adrien continues to dominate in the low post for UConn. UConn 49, George Mason 46.

4:08-Note to UConn: Don't be afraid to play perimeter defense. 3-pointer for Folarin Campbell. UConn 49, George Mason 49. 12 minutes remaining.

4:08-Denham Brown finally hits a jumper. UConn 51, George Mason 49.

4:12-Rudy Gay misses a wide open 3-pointer. Lamar Butler does not. George Mason 52, UConn 51.

4:15-Jeff Adrien seems to be the only UConn player who cares about this game.

4:16-Like an idiot, Rashad Anderson fouls Lamar Butler on a 3-pointer. Butler makes the 3-pointer and the free throw. George Mason 56, UConn 53.

4:17-Not to sound like a broken record but: Rudy Gay misses a shot. Then Rudy Gay misses another shot. All-American, my ass.

4:18-Hilton Armstrong is fouled on a putback attempt. Armstrong makes 1 of 2. George Mason 56, UConn 54.

4:19-Gay makes a bank shot. George Mason 56, UConn 56.

4:20-Three fouls on Jeff Adrien. Boone replaces him in the lineup. Jai Lewis (George Mason) hits two free throws. George Mason 58, UConn 56.

4:21-Maybe Rudy Gay is a good shooter after all. Gay for 3. UConn 59, George Mason 58.

4:21-Tony Skinn pump fakes and then hits a jump shot. George Mason 60, UConn 59.

4:22-Gay makes the putback shot. Now I have to take back all the bad words I've said about him. Dammit. UConn 61, George Mason 60.

4:23-George Mason hits a shot. George Mason 62, UConn 61.

4:24-Rudy Gay hits a jumper. UConn 63, George Mason 62.

4:24-Jai Lewis hits a jumper. George Mason 64, UConn 63.

4:24-UConn did not read the note I left them. Skinn hits another 3 pointer. George Mason 67, UConn 63.

4:25-Marcus Williams hits a jumper. George Mason 67, UConn 65.

4:26-George Mason decides to call a timeout and kill their momentum. Maybe Jim Larranaga bet on UConn. 4 minutes remaining.

4:27-Out of the timeout, Butler takes an off balance one handed push shot. At least they got that timeout in though.

4:27-George Mason fast break leads to a Will Thomas lay-up. George Mason 69, UConn 65. UConn timeout.

4:29-Marcus Williams throws a bullet pass down to Jeff Adrien, who is fouled on the attempted shot by Will Thomas. Adrien makes both free throws. George Mason 69, UConn 67. 2 minutes, 51 seconds remaining. Adrien goes to the bench and Boone comes into the game.

4:33-Josh Boone forces up a shot and is fouled for his efforts. And the 55% free throw shooter misses both of them. No surprise there.

4:37-With two seconds left on the shot clock, George Mason is bailed out by a Marcus Williams foul. The shot clock goes back to 35 seconds. 1 minute, 30 seconds remaining.

4:38-Jai Lewis backs down Armstrong only to miss the baby hook. Thomas tips it back in, or rather UConn did, but Thomas gets credit for it. George Mason 71, UConn 67.

4:39-Marcus Williams turns the ball over with a "palming" manuever. 1 minute remaining.

4:40-Will Thomas is blocked twice by UConn. Marcus Williams gets the ball, dribbles up the court, and makes the lay-up while getting fouled. Williams converts the 3-point play. George Mason 71, UConn 70.

4:41-Foul called on Armstrong. 1 and 1 for Jai Lewis (George Mason). Armstrong comes close to getting a technicall called on him. Jai Lewis hits the front end of the 1 and 1. Misses the second. 30 seconds remaining. George Mason 72, UConn 70.

4:43-Marcus Williams throws a stupid pass and commits a turnover yet again. Both of UConn's turnovers in the second half have proved costly. UConn fouls Lamar Butler. Butler makes the first. And the second. George Mason 74, UConn 70. 17.6 seconds remaining. UConn ball.

4:45-Marcus Williams hits a floater in the lane after using up almost ten seconds. George Mason 74, UConn 72.

4:47-Referee takes two seconds to call the obvious foul. Rudy Gay gives him the evil eye. Skinn misses the front end of the 1 and 1.

4:48-Marcus Williams gives it to Denham Brown who dribbles along the baseline and hits the reverse lay-up as time expires. Armstrong shows good restraint in not touching the ball while it is in the cylinder. Tie game. Overtime.

4:51-UConn gets the first possession of the overtime. Denham Brown is called for traveling. Way to value possessions.

4:51-Will Thomas hits a left-handed hook shot. Unstoppable shot since UConn insists on playing him like he's right-handed. George Mason 76, UConn 74.

4:52-Boone gets in the game and immediately puts back an Armstrong miss. George Mason 76, UConn 76.

4:53-Butler drives and banks a floater off the backboard. George Mason 78, UConn 76.

4:54-Foul on George Mason sends Denham Brown to the line. He makes two. George Mason 78, UConn 78.

4:54-Nice inbounds play. Pass to Jai Lewis cutting for the easy two. George Mason 80, UConn 78.

4:55-Rudy Gay misses a jumper.

4:55-UConn cannot stop Thomas's left handed hook shot. George Mason 82, UConn 78.

4:56-Denham Brown draws another foul. Makes both free throws. George Mason 82, UConn 80. 90 seconds remaining.

4:57-Folarin Campbell hits a fadeaway jumper over Rudy Gay. I guess not being clutch extends to defense, too. George Mason 84, UConn 80. UConn calls a timeout. 1 minute, 1 second remaining.

4:59-Why does Calhoun only play Rashad Anderson when UConn is already down in the last seconds of the game?

5:00-Jump ball. UConn retains possession. Rashad Anderson airballs a 3. Jai Lewis is fouled. 41 seconds remaining. Lewis misses horribly on the first, but manages to hit the second one. George Mason 85, UConn 80.

5:03-Marcus Williams misses the floater in the lane this time. Adrien is fouled and goes to the free throw line. He bricks the first one. And swishes the second. George Mason 85, UConn 81.

5:04-Marcus Williams fouls Will Thomas sending Thomas to the free throw line. An interesting note is that Thomas's high school team played Rudy Gay's high school team seven times and won all seven games. What does this prove, you ask? You simply can't win anything meaningful with Rudy Gay on your team. Thomas makes the first and misses the second. George Mason 86, UConn 81.

5:05-Denham Brown misses the 3, but UConn keeps possession. Marcus Williams hits a very deep 3 pointer. My dick has been teased. George Mason 86, UConn 84. 7 seconds remaining. Timeout by George Mason.

5:08-Jai Lewis is fouled with 6.1 seconds remaining. He misses both of them. Denham Brown gets the rebound and decides to take a 3-pointer. Brown misses; George Mason wins. George Mason 86, UConn 84.

Rudy Gay's Game Stats: 8 for 16 FG, 18 points from the field. Shooting efficiency: 1.13 points per shot.


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