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Friday, March 24, 2006


The more I watch the UConn basketball team play, the less I like them. This is not to say they are not an extremely talented collection of players because they are. At least they are talented in terms of impressive team height and athletic ability. However, in spite of how good they look on paper, there is quite frankly something missing from this team. I will not be so cliche as to say they lack heart. What they do lack is a high team basketball IQ as evidenced by some of the horrible passes they throw during games.

My main problem with the UConn Huskies is with their sophomore forward, Rudy Gay. He has somehow tricked the media into thinking he is a great player. He is anything but. For someone not asked to be the leading scorer of his team and therefore is allowed to pick his spots, Gay still manages to take ridiculously bad shots.

A week ago to prove that what I was thinking was more than just a feeling I decided to calculate how efficient of a shooter Gay is. Calculating a shooter's efficiency is as simple as taking the number of points a player scores and dividing them by the number of shots it took for the player to score those points. Turns out Gay's shooting efficiency was an abysmal .98.

Couple that with the fact he consistently disappears in big games and any NBA GM who dares to draft him in the lottery will find out first hand that Gay will never be the player people think he could be. Gay also has the habit of appearing surprised when his opponents try to win the game. It is like he is silently asking the favorite question of athletes nationwide, "Don't you know who I am?" Yes we do Rudy, and I for one am not impressed.


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