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Just The Sports: Tournament Running Diary Pt. 2

Just The Sports

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Tournament Running Diary Pt. 2

Since there has been so much clamoring for another running diary from yours truly, I have decided to reward the many fans I have. The plan is to keep a diary for both televised NCAA Tournament games tonight. Whether or not I actually make it through both of them is another question. After a feast of grilled cheese sandwiches and Frosted Flakes, we're picking up the Duke-LSU game with 15 minutes left in the first half.

Duke vs. LSU

7:18-Duke 8, LSU 6. Nothing even remotely approaching exciting has happened in the game so far.

7:21-Shelden Williams has been unable to post up close to the basket because of the defense of Glen Davis and the fact Davis weighs 300-some pounds. Tyrus Thomas is an amazing shot blocker who is really going to have an impact on this game from the defensive side. Just blocked Melchionni and Williams in succession.

7:23-McRoberts attempts a feeble shot down low. Duke 10, LSU 6.

7:25-Paulus commits a turnover leading to a quick basket being scored by Darnell Lazare of LSU. So far, LSU is athletically superior to Duke at all five positions. Duke 10, LSU 10.

7:30-Duke continues to shoot horribly from the field as Redick misses a makeable lay-up and then McRoberts misses a tip-in.

7:30-Davis pushes Melchionni down for no reason. Offensive foul.

7:31-Duke, though, makes it clear they want to have no quality possessions in the game and turns it right back over to LSU.

7:32-Tasmin Mitchell hits a rare 3 for LSU. Most of their field goals are 2 pointers. LSU 13, Duke 10.

7:33-Shelden Williams answers for Duke.

7:33-Glen Davis fouls again. That's two for him.

7:34-Duke is ice-cold from the field. Redick misses another 3.

7:34-Lazare goes right at Shelden Williams for his 6th point of the game. LSU 17, Duke 12.

7:34-Tyrus Thomas commits an offensive foul on a fast break. Two for him. Hello bench.

7:35-Shelden Williams scores to make the score: LSU 17, Duke 14.

7:35-McRoberts mistakes the cheerleaders for his teammates and passes the ball to them. Unfortunately for him and Duke, under the rules of basketball, that counts as a turnover.

7:39-Darrel Mitchell hits an easy jumper from the lane.

7:39-Duke turns the ball over yet again leading to a Tasmin Mitchell putback. LSU 21, Duke 14.

7:41-Redick travels. Lazare scores again. LSU 23, Duke 14. I'm glad to know Duke is just happy to be in the Sweet 16.

7:42-Now Shelden Williams travels. They are like 8 year olds whose running with the ball is occasionally broken up by dribbling. Eight Duke turnovers so far.

7:43-Redick hits a 3 in transition like he always does. LSU 23, Duke 19.

7:44-Coach K is finally fed up with what he sees by the Duke players and calls a timeout. LSU 25, Duke 19.

7:47-CBS switches to the Memphis-Bradley game to piss me off. It's working.

7:48-And they switch back to the varsity game. Shelden scores inside since Davis is on the bench with two fouls. LSU 25, Duke 23.

7:48-Tasmin Mitchell gets an easy dunk. LSU 27, Duke 23.

7:49-Why Dockery is still shooting is beyond me, but he shoots and misses a 3 pointer.

7:49-Lazare cannot be stopped. LSU 29, Duke 23.

7:50-Now Tasmin Mitchell is traveling. Does neither team know the rules of basketball?

7:51-More missed 3-pointers by Duke. This time Melchionni does the honors.

7:52-McRoberts throws down a dunk.

7:52-LSU 31, Duke 27.

7:55-Shelden shoots a 3 to end the half. Out of a timeout, the best shot Duke could get was a Shelden Williams 3. LSU 31, Duke 27.

8:17-Glen Davis commits his third foul while guarding Shelden Williams. You think he could avoid getting his third foul a mere 29 seconds into the second half. Shelden hits 1 free throw. LSU 31, Duke 28.

8:20-LSU commits their 11th turnover.

8:21-Tyrus Thomas commits his third foul of the game. 18 minutes, 11 seconds left in the game and LSU's two best big men are in foul trouble.

8:23-Nice drive by McRoberts. Bad defense by LSU. LSU 35, Duke 31.

8:24-Davis muscles in a lay-up. LSU 37, Duke 31.

8:25-I can't wait until Dockery gets the memo that informs him he is not a good 3-point shooter.

8:28-Redick steals the ball and then forces up a wild left-handed shot. Fortunately for Duke, they retain possession.

8:34-Redick can't buy a shot right now. Another patented bad shooting game in the NCAA Tournament for JJ Redick. He's made a career out of them. 2 for 10 tonight.

8:38-Tyrus Thomas fouls Shelden Williams for his 4th foul. Look for Shelden Williams to score more points in the post. Shelden Williams makes both free throws. LSU 38, Duke 35.

8:43-Shelden fouls Glen Davis on a shooting attempt. It's Shelden's third foul. Davis hits both free throws. LSU 40, Duke 35.

8:44-Three by Demarcus Nelson. Finally someone other than Williams is doing some scoring for Duke. LSU 40, Duke 38.

8:46-Duke ties the score with a McRoberts alley-oop dunk. LSU 40, Duke 40. Another McRoberts alley-oop dunk. I bet LSU wishes Tyrus Thomas hadn't been an idiot and gotten his fourth foul so early in the second half. Duke 42, LSU 40.

8:48-Ten minutes left in the half.

8:49-Dunk by Shelden Williams. Duke 44, LSU 40. Tyrus Thomas, where are you? Or Darnell Lazare.

8:50-Glen Davis picks up his 4th foul of the game with a little less than 9 minutes left. That's basically game over for LSU. Nelson hits 1 of 2 free throws. Duke 45, LSU 40. Redick misses a dagger 3.

8:51-Rare LSU 3 by Darrel Mitchell. Duke 45, LSU 43.

8:52-Surprise, surprise. Dockery misses a wide open jumper.

8:53- Shelden hits two free throws. Duke 47, LSU 43.

8:53-Shelden Williams, otherwise known as Duke's whole offense, has picked up his 4th foul. Duke 47, LSU 43. He stays in the game. 7 minutes, 41 seconds left in the game.

8:57-Alley-oop dunk by Tyrus Thomas. Duke 47, LSU 45.

8:59-Tasmin Mitchell ties the game with a lay-up off a backdoor cut. Duke 47, LSU 47. 5 minutes, 37 seconds left in the game.

9:03-Tasmin Mitchell puts back a shot for LSU. LSU 49, Duke 47.

9:04-Tyrus Thomas blocks JJ Redick's shot for his fifth of the game.

9:05-Greg Paulus hits 2 free throws for Duke. Duke 49, LSU 49.

9:05-Tyrus Thomas dunks a putback over Shelden Williams. A 4-pointer according to the David Barbour Dunk Scoring Method.

9:06-Redick finally hits a 3. Duke 52, LSU 51.

9:13-LSU 53, Duke 52. Two minutes left in the game.

9:17-McRoberts stepped out of bounds. Way to go, Josh.

9:17-LSU calls a timeout. 1 minutes, 32 seconds left. LSU 53, Duke 52.

9:19-LSU has possession. 55 seconds to go.

9:20-Loose ball foul called on Greg Paulus. Tyrus Thomas to the free throw line where he makes the first and the second. LSU 55, Duke 52.

9:22-Blocking foul called on LSU's Darrel Mitchell. Redick to the free throw line to shoot his first of the game. Rattles home the first. Makes the second. LSU 55, Duke 54.

9:23-Tyrus Thomas gets a fast break dunk and follows that up with a block of Josh McRoberts. LSU 57, Duke 54.

9:25-Duke fouls Darrel Mitchell. He makes 1 of 2. LSU 58, Duke 54. Duke fouls Glen Davis. He makes 1 of 2, but gets his own rebound off the miss. LSU 59, Duke 54.

9:26-McRoberts fouls out and sends Glen Davis back to the free throw line. Nineteen seconds left in the game. Davis hits 1 of 2. LSU 60, Duke 54.

9:27-Redick misses a desperation 3.

9:28-Glen Davis seals the game with two free throws. LSU 62, Duke 54. Game's over. It might be time for Coach K to start recruiting athletic players again. Everyone else is.

9:36-Memphis wins. Who cares?

Gonzaga vs. UCLA

10:08-Gus Johnson, CBS commentator, describes Jordan Farmar as a terrific-looking sophomore. Nothing more homoerotic than sports commentating.

10:09-Adam Morrison hits an ugly floater in the lane. I'm not even sure he jumped. Gonzaga 2, UCLA 0.

10:10-Morrison is double teamed and travels.

10:11-UCLA has been trying to break the backboard with their shots so far. A couple more bricks and they will get their wish.

10:13-Holy shit. Mallon simply throws the ball out of bounds. Turnover for Gonzaga.

10:13-UCLA's Ryan Hollins hits two free throws. UCLA 2, Gonzaga 2.

10:15-Derek Raivio hits a 3 for the Bulldogs. Finally, someone has hit another shot. Gonzaga 5, UCLA 2.

10:16-Throwing passes to people in the stands seems to be the theme of the night for college basketball players. This time it's a UCLA player who tries to get the crowd involved.

10:20-While I wasn't paying attention, Gonzaga scored four more points. Gonzaga 9, UCLA 2. It's not looking good for me making it through both games. My short attention span coupled with the horrendous shooting does not equal sitting through this game.

10:22-Mbah a Moute hits two free throws. Gonzaga 9, UCLA 4.

10:23-Errol Knight has his shot blocked by Lorenzo Mata.

10:25-Mata (UCLA) makes one of two free throws. Gonzaga 9, UCLA 5.

10:27-Not going to happen.


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