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Just The Sports: Math 101 Pt. 2

Just The Sports

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Math 101 Pt. 2

When the Clippers had won eleven more games than they had lost and everyone in the sports media was saying how they were now eleven games above .500, I was here to correct them and tell any who bothered to read my post the true method of finding out how many games above .500 a team is. Obviously, no employees bothered to read the post because they are continuing to lie to the public.

This time, they are reporting that with the Clippers win over the Rockets, the Clippers are now 13 games over .500 with a record of 39-26. They are not. They are 6.5 games over .500.

I am going to say this only one more time. Hopefully, someone who works for and someone who knows someone who works for will explain to that person how to do third grade math. For a person to be thirteen games above .500, the teams has to win 26 more games than they have lost. Not thirteen.


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