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Just The Sports: Properly Scoring A Dunk

Just The Sports

Monday, March 20, 2006

Properly Scoring A Dunk

This is a theory I have been tweaking for awhile now and I am finally ready to reveal it to the whole world or at least the people bored enough to actually read my blog. The more I think about it and the more I say it out loud, the more I like the idea and think it will revolutionize the game of basketball as we know it. The rule change will involve changing the way in which a dunk is scored.

Anyone who made it through my NCAA Tournament Running Diary knows already that I think dunking the ball is significantly more difficult than making a 3 pointer. The reasoning behind that is simple. Only a select few can dunk the ball while anyone given enough chances will be able to make a 3 point shot. Therefore, a dunk should be scored based on level of difficulty. With that in mind, I have developed a scoring system to update the game of basketball. It is as follows:

2 pt. dunks-These dunks will consist of easy dunks, such as on an uncontested fast break or a simple alley-oop pass or a drive through the lane where the opponent opts to not play defense. These shots are really no different than lay-ups and should not be scored any higher than the lay-ups.

3 pt. dunks-Under my new scoring system, it will be very rare to see a player score a 3 pt. dunk. A player will be awarded 3 points on a dunk by doing something acrobatic in the air and throwing down a dunk usually reserved for dunk contests. Some examples of a 3 pt. dunk would be a 360, a windmill dunk, or going between the legs and then slamming it home.

4 pt. dunks-A 4 pt. dunk will only be awarded if a player from one team dunks on a player from the opposing team, including but not limited to posterzing the opposing player and also putting nuts (or labia) in the opposing player's mouth.

Just think for a moment of all the positive ramifications such a scoring change would have on basketball as a sport. Besides the obvious updating the sport, which I mentioned before, there will be an added level of excitement at the end of games. Instead of commentators posing the question of whether a team should go for a 2 or 3 pointer, they will also be asking whether a team should risk the chance of having its best athlete try to dunk on someone from the other team. Like the advent of the shot clock and 3 pointer, it's time to score dunks based on difficulty level.


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