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Just The Sports: Len Pasquarelli Thinks We Are Idiots

Just The Sports

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Len Pasquarelli Thinks We Are Idiots

This article is an old one, but bear with me because it shows the thing that I hate most about journalists, which is the way in which they create a story instead of reporting a story. In addition to that, journalists are just lazy people who would rather beat a dead horse, or news story, than actually do work to find a new news story.

Case in point is Len Pasquarelli's article during the Pro Bowl, a game to honor the achievements of the best NFL players at their respective positions. In the article, Len reports that even though Terrell Owens is miles away, "the exiled Philadephia star is still every bit as discussed, maybe more so, in fact, than any of the pass-catchers in attendanc for the Sunday evening all-star game." He then goes on to make more ridiculous statements about how Terrell Owens' name is brought up by players on every corner of the field and that other players really, truly care about where Owens plays next year.

The whole article is disingenuous and insulting. Call me cynical, but I highly doubt players are opening up their comments to reporters by talking about Terrell Owens. The only reason Terrell Owens is even discussed is because journalists, like Len, are constantly asking players where they think Terrell will play and if they want him on their team. Journalists are the reason Terrell Owens is being discussed more than the wide receivers there. Journalists are the reason Terrell Owens monopolizes the conversations they have with NFL players.

It is like a person at a party who only talks about his work no matter who he talks to and then saying after the party how interested everyone seemed to be in his job.


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