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Just The Sports: NCAA Tournament Recap

Just The Sports

Saturday, March 25, 2006

NCAA Tournament Recap

UCLA 50, Memphis 45

What else can I say about this game, but that UCLA played less badly than did Memphis. Here are the numbers from the game. When you compare the two team's stats, you will see what I am talking about.

Field Goal Percentage:
UCLA: 14 for 42 (33.3%)
Memphis: 17 for 55 (30.9%)

Three Point Percentage:
UCLA: 2 for 8 (25%)
Memphis: 2 for 17 (11.8%)

Free Throw Percentage:
UCLA: 20 for 31 (51.3%)
Memphis: 9 for 15 (60%)

Also, before you get the notion in your head that these numbers are a reflection of great defense, they aren't. No defense is that great, but some teams are that inept at shooting. Well, someone had to win the game.


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