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Just The Sports: Final Four Running Diary Pt. I

Just The Sports

Saturday, April 01, 2006

Final Four Running Diary Pt. I

George Mason vs. Florida

6:05-Joakim Noah looks pretty angry. Why is anyone's guess, but I wouldn't want to be any of George Mason's players right now.

6:08-George Mason wins the opening tip. Noah blocks George Mason's first shot.

6:09-Lamar Butler hits the first shot of the game. George Mason 2, Florida 0.

6:09-Humphrey tries to redeem himself after his poor shooting effort in his last game by hitting a 3. Florida 3, George Mason 2.

6:12-Florida continues to get multiple offensive rebounds.

6:13-Horford completes a 3-point play. Florida 8, George Mason 4.

6:14-Florida gets another offensive rebound. It leads to a Taurean Green 3. Florida 11, George Mason 6.

6:16-Humphrey misses a 3. Maybe he doesn't want to redeem himself after all.

6:20-Brewer makes a 3 pointer. Florida 16, George Mason 6.

6:21-A phantom foul is called on Joakim Noah.

6:21-Will Thomas (George Mason) throws the ball against the backboard. Or he shoots it. I couldn't tell.

6:25-Folarin Campbell (George Mason) makes all three free throws after being fouled on a 3-point attempt. It's nice to see they remember how to score. Florida 16, George Mason 9.

6:27-Tony Skinn takes it coast-to-coast for a lay-up. Florida 16, George Mason 11.

6:32-Butler tried to pretend he was fouled on a 3-pointer and ended up airballing it. Next time he should pretend he wants to make the shot.

6:33-Jai Lewis posts up at the 3 point line. Amazing that he thought that was a good idea and even more amazing is the fact his teammate passed him the ball while he was posting up at the 3 point line, 19 feet from the basket.

6:38-Humphrey is not just a bad shooter. He's a bad passer, too. His turnover leads to George Mason scoring. Florida 18, George Mason 17.

6:38-Corey Brewer hits another 3. Florida 21, George Mason 17.

6:39-Very nice reverse lay-up by Tony Skinn off a Florida turnover. Florida now has 5 of them. Florida 21, George Mason 19.

6:42-Green misses badly on a 3-point attempt.

6:42-Humphrey's shooting woes continue as he misses another 3.

6:42-Add defending to the list of things Lee Humphrey is bad at. Seconds after his missed 3-pointer, he fouls Tony Skinn, who makes the shot. Skinn makes the free throw. Florida 25, George Mason 24.

6:47-George Mason battles for the rebound amongst themselves, no one says, "Same team," and they end up watching the ball go out of bounds.

6:49-Florida's offensive rebound leads to a Florida 3-pointer by Taurean Green. Florida 28, George Mason 24.

6:50-Campbell knifes through the lane for a lay-up. Florida 28, George Mason 26.

6:50-Noah decides it is unfair to use his significant height advantage over George Mason's front line and shoots a jumper instead. He misses.

6:51-Taurean Green hits a 3. Florida 31, George Mason 26. 28.7 seconds remaining in the first half.

6:53-Halftime score: Florida 31, George Mason 26.

7:15-Second half begins. Humphrey surprises himself and everyone watching this game by hitting a 3. Florida 34, George Mason 26.

7:16-Humphrey hits another 3. His shooting slump could be over. The quick six points by Florida leads to a George Mason timeout. Florida 37, George Mason 26.

7:21-Humphrey hits yet another 3. There's no way George Mason can win now. Florida 40, George Mason 28.

7:26-Will Thomas hurls the ball at the backboard again. I don't think he's scored at all this game.

7:30-Noah travels while he is unguarded. Impressive.

7:33-Thomas dunks while being fouled by Brewer.

7:41-Brewer throws down a dunk. Florida 53, George Mason 36.

7:41-Jai Lewis shoves Brewer out of bounds.

7:42-9 minutes, 28 seconds remaining in the game. Florida 53, George Mason 38.

7:44-Humphrey hits a dagger 3. Florida 56, George Mason 38.

7:46-Jai Lewis completes a 3 point play. Florida 58, George Mason 43.

7:53-Tony Skinn hits a a 3 to bring the lead down to 11.

7:53-Humphrey hits a 3. He certainly won't be competing for worst shooter of the night based on this performance.

7:55-Folarin Campbell hits a 3, George Mason's second in a row. Florida 64, George Mason 55.

7:57-Pizza came.

8:10-Florida 73, George Mason 58. Florida wins and will be playing for the National Championship on Monday.

LSU vs. Florida

8:52-LSU wins the opening tip and Davis misses a turnaround jumper.

8:53-Billy Packer thinks there are a lot of "fine-looking athletes" on the court.

8:53-LSU continues to struggle from outside the paint as Temple misses a 3 pointer.

8:54-Darrel Mitchell hits the first basket of the game. LSU 2, UCLA 0.

8:54-Ryan Hollins quickly answers for UCLA. LSU 2, UCLA 2.

8:55-Jordan Farmar hits a 3-pointer. UCLA 5, LSU 2.

8:57-Tyrus Thomas picks up his first foul on an offensive charge. UCLA 7, LSU 4.

9:02-Darrel Mitchell refuses to recognize the fact he is not a good outside shooter. UCLA shouldn't even guard him. The rim will do their job for them.

9:03-Tasmin Mitchell has joined the brick party for LSU as they refuse to pass the ball into the low post. They shots too many jumpers against Texas, too, but luckily Texas wanted to lose more than LSU. UCLA 12, LSU 6.

9:07-LSU turns the ball over leading to a Mbah a Moute dunk on a fast break. UCLA 18, LSU 8.

9:12-Cedric Bozeman spends ten seconds in the lane before putting in a lay-up. No referee notices. UCLA 20, LSU 8.

9:13-LSU finally feeds one of their big men in the post and Tyrus Thomas rewards the guards with scoring while being fouled. He makes the free throw. UCLA 20, LSU 11.

9:13-Ryan Hollins (UCLA) gets his second foul of the game.

9:16-Farmar makes a 3-pointer. UCLA 23, LSU 11.

9:18-Tyrus Thomas outlet passes the ball out of bounds. UCLA felt bad about the easy turnover so they turn the ball right back over to LSU. Good sportsmanship all around in this game.

9:22-LSU continues to confound by taking outside jumpers which they are going to inevitably miss. Tyrus Thomas, one of their two best low post players, is now taking jumpers only to miss them. This he is doing instead of posting up where he would be more effective.

9:27-LSU turnover leads to a mid-range jumper by Collison (UCLA). UCLA 29, LSU 16.

9:28-LSU has now turned the ball over on three successive possessions. Luckily for them, UCLA was only able to capitalize on one of their steals.

9:30-LSU's shot selection continues to be atrocious. Their latest attempt was an off-balance bank shot by Glen Davis.

9:30-Tasmin Mitchell misses a 3. UCLA scores a lay-up in transition. UCLA 31, LSU 16.

9:33-Fast break opportunity for LSU results in a missed 3 by Darrel Mitchell.

9:34-Voogd turns the ball over twice in two LSU possessions. At least they're 100% in something. UCLA 33, LSU 17.

9:45-Mbah a Moute does what everyone should do when playing against a team that has a ferocious shot blocker. He takes it right at him. Shot blockers usually get their blocks coming over from the weak side, not by blocking the shot of the man he/she is guarding. UCLA 39, LSU 23.

9:48-UCLA is unable to get off a shot before the half ends. Halftime score: UCLA 39, LSU 24.

10:11-UCLA's first possession of the first half leads to a Mbah a Moute dunk. UCLA 41, LSU 24.

10:12-Now LSU can't even score from the inside, not that they've done much scoring in the game anyway. UCLA can, though. Another Mbah a Moute dunk. UCLA 43, LSU 24.

10:14-Ryan Hollins's alley-oop dunk by UCLA probably puts this game out of reach. Nothing about LSU's recent horrendous outside shooting makes me think they can come back now by shooting 3's. UCLA 45, LSU 25.

10:23-IBM has a commercial about non-conformity where everyone sings the same song.

10:36-LSU still has not hit a 3 in this game. 11 minutes remaining in the game.

10:41-Bold Prediction: UCLA does not blow a 24-point lead with 9 minutes left in the game.

11:07-And they don't. UCLA wins. UCLA 59, LSU 45. UCLA will be squaring off against Florida for the national championship on Monday.


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