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Just The Sports: Peter King Strikes Again

Just The Sports

Monday, March 27, 2006

Peter King Strikes Again

Peter King almost makes what I do in this blog too easy. It's almost as if before he begins writing another self-centered article, he says to himself, "I really like David's blog so I need to say something completely asinine so I can come off looking like a complete buffoon and give David something to write about." For that, Peter, I say thank you. I didn't even have to take these statements out of context.

a. I understand Connecticut coach Jim Calhoun is a Hall of Famer, and I understand there's tremendous pressure when you get to this point of the college basketball season. But that UConn team was not well coached. Way, way too helter-skelter. Against Washington on Friday night, Connecticut turned the ball over 27 times and missed 13 free throws. The Huskies make so many silly, high-risk passes. This comes from someone who watches next to zero college basketball, but the Connecticut team looked like an out-of-control train wreck to me.

g. As someone who watched bits and pieces of 20 college basketball games over the last two long weekends, I can officially say that no coach in the NCAA tournament did anything wrong. Every decision was right; every call the textbook one. Listen to yourselves, announcers. It's embarrassing, really. These coaches are so smart, I'm convinced one of them is going to find the cure for cancer this week.

Either Peter King suffers from severe short-term memory loss or he is just a bad sports writer. Or maybe the editors secretly hate Peter King as much as I publicly hate him and that is why they let him hang himself every single week with his writing. If Peter had taken the time to read my blog posts more closely, he would have seen what happens when you contradict the argument that you are making. Don't be like Bill Simmons and Elliot Kalb, Peter. You're better than that.

Furthermore, even though you may want to, Peter, you can't have it both ways. Either every head coach did a perfect coaching job or there was a coach (i.e., Jim Calhoun) who did do something wrong. Make a choice, but please do not insult my intelligence by saying both of these possibilities are correct at the same time.

Also, think for a moment about an alternate possibility. This may be too revolutionary for this day and age of sports writer, but I am going to try it out anyway. Is it possible that Jim Calhoun repeatedly told his team to make better passes, but that the players refused to obey him because they thought they could continue to get away with "silly, high-risk passes" like they had all season?

And you can't say poor free throw shooting is a sign of poor coaching. There's going out on a limb to make a point, which you will just contradict later on in the same article, and then there's just being igorant. Guess which one you did, Peter?


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