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Just The Sports: A Case of the Mondays? I Think Not

Just The Sports

Monday, April 10, 2006

A Case of the Mondays? I Think Not

I cannot fully express to you the joy I feel upon waking up on Monday mornings. While some view Mondays as the end of the weekend and the beginning of another boring work week, I view it as a chance to read another one of Peter King's articles and then make fun of it so as to put his idiocy on display for all two of my readers. Some days I must confess I am afraid that Peter will have gone through a whole article without saying something moronic leaving me with nothing to write about. But if there is one good thing about Peter King, it's that he never lets me down.

1. I think this is the thing about Favre's indecision: I don't blame him. Not one bit.

You don't blame Brett Favre for pretending he is going to retire and making the Green Bay Packers go along with this whole charade? Who else is there to blame? No one is making him not make a decision. And not only will he refuse to announce publicly that he is coming back for another year of mediocre play, but Favre is also criticizing the Packers organization for not doing enough during the free agency period to improve the Packers.

I have said this before and I will say it again. Brett Favre is the biggest media hog of this sports generation. He is nothing more than a camera whore, but the media lets him get away with it because he is a good ole country boy who speaks with a Southern accent. And everyone knows the nation and the media love a white man who speaks with a Southern accent (see Matthew McConaughey, Archie Manning, Keith Jackson, and the NASCAR boys).

The truth is the best thing the Packers could have done during free agency to become a better team would have been to cut ties with Brett Favre. Maybe then they wouldn't have to play a has-been quarterback who will throw 29 interceptions in a season again and then blame his "poor" supporting cast. Favre is the reason the Packers lost a number of their games last year, but Peter King probably wouldn't blame him for those losses either.

But I would caution everyone who seems so certain that Favre has played his last game to remember one of his statements from his news conference on Saturday. "It's in my blood. I love to play the game.'' I have not spoken with Favre, but I have spoken with several Packers employees in recent weeks. They all say he seems pretty bored sitting on his 465 acres near Hattiesburg, Miss. So I can't tell you what he'll do. But if I have to put the mortgage down on one side or the other, I'd say it's 55-45 he won't play again.

Peter, you provided two examples of why Favre will come back to play in the upcoming season. Then your conclusion was that he will not play again. When trying to make a point, it is best to use examples that support your conclusion instead of ones that debunk it. That way you can't be made to look like a fool.

c. You all think I'm a closet sexist, but not only do I not back down from my opinion last week that ESPN screwed up by putting the women's basketball semifinals on ESPN and the first game of the baseball season on ESPN2, I feel even more strongly about it now.

Let me assure you, Peter. No one who read what you recently wrote about women's college basketball thinks you are a closet sexist. In fact, I'm pretty sure anyone who read it is pretty much in agreenment that not only are you out of the closet, but you are walking down the street wearing fishnet and cut-off shorts with a pink feather boa tied around your neck.


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