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Just The Sports: Peter King The Prude

Just The Sports

Monday, May 22, 2006

Peter King The Prude

Add prude to the list of adjectives you can use to describe Peter King, along with idiot, imbecile, chauvinist, and misogynist.

4. I think, Billy McMullen, the message is pretty simple. When you're traded for a rookie free agent, a kid who wasn't even drafted -- which Philadelphia did with Minnesota the other day -- it's clear that the Eagles think you're hopeless. And you've got a Minnesota training camp to prove them wrong.

Or maybe Brad Childress, head coach of the Minnesota Vikings and former offensive coordinator for the Philadelphia Eagles, is enamored with McMullen's talent and would prefer to have a receiver in training camp who always knows the playbook as opposed to a rookie free agent who will have to learn it from scratch. Just a thought.

a. I am not a Will and Grace fan, but my wife was watching the final episode last Thursday. I was actually cleaning the basement. (What a man!) I came upstairs and plopped down for the last 15 of the show. During that time, I heard an old woman say, "Suck it, bitch.'' I heard the words "d------ bag'' and "balls,'' meaning "testicles.'' Call me the prude of the week, but are you serious? Does my new employer, NBC, actually condone that language in prime time at any time? I must be incredibly old, but that to me is such a pathetic grab at the young audience that I'm thrilled this show is going off the air. That language should be on HBO at 9:50 p.m., not NBC. I don't know why that bothers me so much, but it really ticks me off. I'm all for the freedom of Howard Stern in the right place, but really, think about it. I'm sure there are many 13-year-old girls who like that show. I know they've heard worse on the playground, but that's not the point. The point is that language is absolutely inappropriate at that time on network TV.

Heaven forbid 13-year-old girls hear the words balls/testicles (thanks for clearing that one up for me, Peter) and actually know where to find them on the male body. Or that profanity be heard on network television since we all know how morally conscious the network's programming is.

Oh, but boys, don't worry about them hearing the same words. Bad words don't affect boys. Only our innocent little girls.

d. By the time the NBA season is over, NBA training camps will have begun.

Hahahahahahahaha. Throw your computer out of the window. No, seriously. Throw it out.

p. Re Barry Bonds' 714th home run: I don't care. It is totally devalued to me. Meaningless. Never even saw the replay and I'm fine with that.

Here's a fun game: count how many lies you can find in what Peter just said. I counted five. How many did you find?


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