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Just The Sports: Colin Cowherd Dumb Statement of the Day (Joga Bonito)

Just The Sports

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Colin Cowherd Dumb Statement of the Day (Joga Bonito)

Soccer, or football depending upon which continent you were birthed, is the world's most popular sport. Yet, in the United States, the sport is largely ignored by the media and on the few occasions soccer is mentioned, journalists take great pride in denigrating it. One of the more prevalent reasons given for why soccer is not given the airtime it deserves is because it is not exciting enough. Apparently, soccer is boring. This comes from the same people who will watch a three hour and thirty minute American football game where the ball is only in play 7-10 minutes. Go figure.

Which brings me to Colin Cowherd, one idiot among many working for ESPN radio. During one his segments, he launched into a diatribe about how stoppage time made absolutely no sense. He then likened it to the Seahawks getting seven extra downs after time expired in the Super Bowl. Anyone with an ounce of common sense knows how ridiculous Colin's analogy was. Soccer games are played with a running clock so no matter what happens, be it an injury, a dispute between players and referees, substitutions, handing out yellow or red cares, or pausing the game for goal celebrations, the clock continues to run. Therefore, stoppage time allows the referee to make allowances for any time lost due to the aforementioned situations.

Diametrically, the clock during football games stops for any number of reasons. Some instances include a player running out of bounds, timeout being called, and a change of possession. So contrary to what Colin Cowherd may believe, there is no reason to add on extra time since teams do not lose any time during regulation.

If Colin's idiocy had stopped there, then there would be no need for a post, but unfortunately, it continued. During another segment, an e-mailer wrote in, and rightfully questioned the choice of the name football for a sport where kicking comprises such a small percentage of the action. Colin reacted as if someone had keyed his car. In answer to the e-mailer's question, he proceeded to ask, well, what did the word soccer have to do with the sport of soccer since none of the players "socked" the ball. Colin, if he wasn't a dumbass, would have realized the e-mailer was really saying football was a more appropriate name for the sport Americans call soccer than it is for the sport the rest of the world calls American football. If he wasn't a dumbass.


  • Cowherd is just another American sports media blowhard with more pride than reasoning ability who'd rather pontificate from his base of generally accepted (i.e. by other sports-writers) "truths" than take a look at something outside of his experience.

    Thanks for the description of his comments. I heard the guys on World Soccer Daily ( talking about it, but didn't get the context.

    Cheers, and play beautifully.

    By Blogger Chris, at 2:50 PM  

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