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Just The Sports: The Game Will Be Televised, People

Just The Sports

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

The Game Will Be Televised, People

There is no denying that soccer/football as a sport possesses some of the most skilled athletes in the world, but while it may be a beautiful sport to watch, the hooliganism and fanaticism surrounding the sport gives it one of the seediest underbellies among professional sports. When four-story brothels are not being built in close proximity to where the World Cup games will be held from June 9-July 9 or when fans are not attacking the players of their favorite team because the players lost one game, soccer fans find time to try to commit armed robbery in order to get tickets for the Championship League final game.

Seriously, watching the game on television works, too. Well, maybe I can understand holding a gun to someone's head to see something like this in person...

Or This...


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