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Just The Sports: Celizic=Misogynistic Idiot

Just The Sports

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Celizic=Misogynistic Idiot

The world runs a lot more smoothly when sports journalists, no matter how bad they might be, stick to sports topics and resist the the temptation to soliloquize about social and political issues. When they refuse to heed my advice, then disasters like this happen.

The head of the National Council of Women’s Organizations – there is, by the way, no National Council of Men’s Organizations and I’m thinking that’s definitely discriminatory, but I digress – wedged herself back into the headlines the other day.

There is currently no law on the books keeping anyone, including you Mike, from starting up that ridiculous organization. All you have to do is write a charter and convince your other chauvinistic sports writer friends to join up with you. Although, there really is no need for there to be an official National Council of Men's Organizations since there already is one. It's called society.

Oh, and just so you know, men can be members of the National Council of Women's Organization.

That was pretty obvious back when Burk first realized that she could get more publicity in a week by taking on Augusta than she could get in ten years by doing things that were actually useful to the cause of feminism, such as closing the gap in pay between men and women, demanding decent health care for single mothers, and lobbying businesses to provide day care for their employees’ children.

While I applaud you for knowing some of the causes feminists fight for, it is troubling that two of the three issues you list relate to motherhood demonstrating your simplistic idea of what feminism is. Newsflash, Celizic. Not every woman wants to be a mother. Not every woman thinks the greatest thing that can happen to her is to give birth to a child. Not every woman equates motherhood with womanhood.

Here is a refresher course on what feminism really is since you have such a poor understanding of it. At its core, feminism is concerned with eliminating the political, social, and economic inequality between men and women. Now, not even feminists agree on how to go about eliminating this equality, but there are certain issues most feminists agree need to be addressed: reproductive rights, domestic violence, sexual harassment, rape, maternity leave, street harassment, and gender discrimination. You see? Not all of them are related to motherhood.

Either there’s total gender equity, or there’s not. And, given the number of women’s groups, there’s not. So take care of that inequity before moving on to the men’s side of things.

You have got to be kidding me. You actually think there is inequity because you are too stupid to realize that men could join national women's groups if they were so inclined? What other foolish notions do you possess? Do you think the NAACP is racist because the majority of their members are black? Or that the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force is heterophobic? Seriously, Mike, open up a book and read it.


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