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Just The Sports: Mike Celizic Thinks Peter Vecsey Is An Idiot

Just The Sports

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Mike Celizic Thinks Peter Vecsey Is An Idiot

There have been many theories about how the Cleveland Cavaliers played so competitively against the Detroit Pistons during the last three games, after struggling against the Washington Wizards and getting blown out in the first two games of the series with the aforementioned Detroit Pistons. Just how did the Cavaliers manage to win three straight games against the team who put up the best record in the NBA during the regular season? Many theories have been bandied about, but none dumber than the one given by Peter Vecsey.

THERE are plenty of intox icating reasons why the Cavaliers are one exacting win away from purging the pious Pistons from the playoffs and pole-vaulting into a showdown with Padre Riles' holier-than-thou Heat for the Eastern Conference title.

Indeed there have, Peter. Why, I got drunk on three of the reasons this very evening.

Without question, the most important reason has been the unified support and reverence shown one of their teammates in his time of torment. Larry Hughes and his mother, Vanessa, weren't left to mourn the death of 20-year-old Justin by their lonesome.

That's right. The real reason why the Cavaliers are managing so much success against the Detroit Pistons is all due to the fact that the death of Justin Hughes so neatly coincided with Game 3 of the series. The Cavaliers' success is not due to LeBron James's triple double in Game 3. Nor is it the result of the emergence of Cavalier forward Anderson Varejao, who has more than doubled his regular season points per game average during this playoff series. And most certainly it has nothing to do because of the horrific shooting of Rasheed Wallace, who in the three Pistons losses scored a total of 25 points on 9 for 34 shooting. In the regular season, Wallace averaged 15 points a game and in the Milwaukee Bucks series, he averaged 17 points a game.

The Cavaliers can only count themselves lucky that Justin Hughes had the good sense to die when the Cavaliers needed a victory the most. I'm sure Larry feels much better knowing his brother died for such a good cause.


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