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Just The Sports: Afflalo Is Not Totally Delusional After All

Just The Sports

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Afflalo Is Not Totally Delusional After All

Nothing pleases me more than when a college basketball player makes the right decision in deciding whether or not to declare early for and stay in the NBA Draft. In this case, I am talking about Arron Afflalo. When Afflalo first declared for the draft, I sat him down and carefull explained to him that the point of declaring early for the draft was to leave college when your draft stock could not get any higher.

Obviously, someone else, who Afflalo would probably actually listen to, introduced him to a pesky little item called reality and informed him he was going to be picked no higher than in the second round. Therefore, he has withdrawn his name from the NBA draft and will go back to UCLA for at least one more year.

Now let Afflalo's decision be an example to all other undersized shooting guards who do not have great athleticism on when to (after you dominate your position for a year) and when to not (coming off a horrific performance in a big game, playing for a defensively minded team while not being a prolific scorer, and exhibiting little if any ability to play the point guard position) declare for the NBA draft.


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