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Just The Sports: See Scoop Jackson Misspell Words

Just The Sports

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

See Scoop Jackson Misspell Words

Since I was in a masochistic mood, I decided to take a gander at the transcript of Scoop Jackson's chat and discover the idiocy that I knew was awaiting me. Needless to say, I was not disappointed.

Scoop Jackson: what up, sorry for the delay. anyway... Mike you rae [sic] right I forgot that it had beeen [sic] a minute for Rile's [sic], [sic] The same way I forgot about the 80 years between when Hubie coached when [sic] he came back to Memephis [sic]. But i still think Pat's exprience has to stand for something. Even though he's not showing it in the series.

I am continually amazed that someone who gets paid to write words can massacre simple grammatical rules with such cavalier disregard. I don't care if it is a chat room; there is a grammatical and semantical standard involved in typing up responses to questions you get paid to answer.

Pat Riley's experience stands for something, but not enough to help him during the series. Great analysis, Scoop.

Before I copy and paste these next two questions and answers, keep in mind that Scoop answered these questions successively. In no way am I taking them out of context.

Vahe (LA): Who would you rather sign on your team, Wade or Dirk?

Scoop Jackson: right now Dirk is looking real attractive. But to me, DWade is still that dude. I'd still sign him before any other player in the L right now.

Roger, LA: Shaq/Kobe vs Shaq/Wade, your pick?

Scoop Jackson: Still KB/Shaq. no question. Shaq was sic back then, never would have seen him average under 20/10 and I still need to see Dwade have some - not one - big games in the Finals. KB has a resume of big games in June.

So Dwyane Wade would be the first player you'd sign, but you would pick Kobe and Shaq over Wade and Shaq with Shaq being the constant and Kobe and Wade being the independent variables?

Is this some sort of game you play where you try to fit as many contradictions as you can in one sentence?

Rick H. (Yakima): Who's your top 5 draft picks?

Scoop Jackson: tyrus, lamarcus, morrison, shannon brown and one of the top 5 picks will be traded for a big name player.

Scoop, the question was to name your top five draft picks and you only listed four. Although you may think one of the top five picks will be traded away, the pick still has to be made by someone and therefore, you are still allowed to predict who will be picked.

You didn't even have to be right. All you had to do was list 5 players and you couldn't even do that. Amazing.

Ivan / Anaheim: Dirk is unstoppable! nuff said...

Scoop Jackson: damn, that was personal.



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