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Just The Sports: NBA Teams: Beware of Eddie House

Just The Sports

Sunday, July 30, 2006

NBA Teams: Beware of Eddie House

Already in danger of being negative in every post, I must caution NBA teams against signing Eddie House to a contract. Eddie House, who has already played for the Miami Heat, Los Angeles Clippers, Charlotte Bobcats, Milwaukee Bucks, Sacramento Kings, and the Phoenix Suns is an unrestricted free agent this summer and is looking for another contract. House is one of those instant offense players. When a team is behind by ten points or so, you insert a player like House who hits a couple three-pointers and takes what was a ten point deficit and turns it into a four point one. Every team could use an instant offense guy off the bench when the team is in dire need of a scoring spark if the instant offense guy is good at what he does.

Eddie House is not so great as an instant offense guy, but not because he is unable to score a lot of points in a few minutes. His per 40 minute career scoring average of 17.6 points per game while his true career scoring average is 7.3 points per game demonstrates his ability to score quickly. The downside to House's game is he does not score efficiently, and instead he relies on taking a lot of shots and using a lot of the team's offensive possessions. He simply does not shoot well enough percentage-wise to be that much of a bonus off the bench.

Now, this is a problem that is easily resolved if the team that signs House informs him that he does not have to shoot the ball every single time he touches it and that it is okay to pass to the other four guys who are wearing the same uniform colors as he. The reason I say that is because House has a track record of being an efficient scorer. During his 50-game run with the Sacramento Kings, House was also at his most efficient over a long stretch, posting an offensive rating of 112, mostly because he used less possessions. There is certainly a break-even point of usage where House can be both efficient and contribute on the offensive side of the ball and it is somewhere 20 possessions a game. Any more and House is too inefficient to really help the game. Any less and House is efficient, but does not contribute to his ability level. The NBA team who signs him should note this or suffer from his inefficient shooting.


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