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Just The Sports: Tim Tebow For Heisman

Just The Sports

Monday, October 16, 2006

Tim Tebow For Heisman

The number one priority for a coach is to put your players in a position to succeed and that is why Urban Meyer's use of freshman quarterback Tim Tebow has been absolutely brilliant, especially in SEC play. Meyer knows Tebow will be his starting quarterback for the next three years and has made sure Tebow experiences success on the college level before he has to take over starting quarterback duties for Florida.

In SEC contests where the games are most important, using's play-by-play data, I charted thirty-five plays when Tebow was being seriously used to gain yards and not just in the game to run out the clock. Those thirty-five plays were a combination of runs and pass with most of them being runs to take advantage of Tebow's speed, one quality senior quarterback Chris Leak does not possess.

Of those thirty-five plays, Tebow has been successful in twenty-four of them, or 68.5%, a pretty high rate back a back-up. In many of those plays, Tebow is in there only to gain a few yards for the first down using his feet and even though the opponent knows that is why Tebow is in the game, their inability to stop him shows that Tebow is going to be a special player. Still, Tebow has managed an average of 6.8 extra yards.

Even when he does fail to gain the necessary yardage, Tebow only falls short by an average of 2.6 yards and that is why he gets the vote I don't really have for Heisman.


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