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Just The Sports: The Impossible

Just The Sports

Monday, November 20, 2006

The Impossible

University of Louisville offensive coordinator Paul Petrino has finally done what many had planned to do, but no one had actually accomplished. That is, until today. Petrino has come up with a legitimate play for 3rd and 27. The idea to formulate a play for such an unusual down and yardage situation came after Petrino heard a commentator say for the 4,758th time on record that a no one has a play for 3rd and 27.

"I would love to say I developed this play to help out my team, but nothing could be farther from the truth," Petrino stated. "To be honest, I made it up to shut up the commentators who don't add anything to the game they are supposed to analyze and instead recycle tired, mindless cliches. Now, the next time the Louisville Cardinals needs a large amount of yardage in order to get a first down, no one will be able to say we don't have a play for it. Because we most certainly do."

While Petrino would not go into specifics about the play, he did reveal that it is a five-receiver set out of the shotgun formation. He also assured everyone that against the Cardinals' defense, the play worked "every single time" and there was no reason to think it would not work against every team in the country. Following the success of this addition to the Cardinals playbook, Petrino said he is already hard at work on plays for both 1st and 32 and 2nd and 24.



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