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Just The Sports: Celebration Satire

Just The Sports

Saturday, March 03, 2007

Celebration Satire

With the release of Young Werdsmith's single, "Pick Yo Nose (In The Club)," rap music has yet another song that professional athletes and others who view rap songs as directions in an etiquette instruction manual can act out without thought to how silly they look. The song, which chorus states "Pick yo nose in the club/While you sippin' on that bub/Pick yo nose like an eight year old/Go on and dig for that gold," has already caught on and people are picking their noses in the country's hottest clubs.

"The idea for this song just hit me one day," Young Werdsmith said, while recounting how he was inspired to write the lyrics that have already sparked talk of a Source Hip-Hop Award in his future. "I was just up in the club and everyone was being all stiff and stuffy so I said to myself that what would really loosen everybody up was if we all started picking our noses. So I did what every other rapper does when he wants people to do something foolish in public. I wrote a song about it and turned it into a video."

Adam "Pac-Man" Jones, who is the NFL leader in imitating ridiculous rap songs, proclaims that as soon as he can get into another club to wreak more havoc, it will not even be five minutes before he is picking his nose and flicking his boogers.

"The best thing about "Pick Yo Nose (In The Club)" is that if I copy what Young Werdsmith does in his video, it shouldn't lead to a stripper being punched about the head and a bouncer being shot and paralyzed," Jones said. "Then again, I said the same thing right before I made it rain and look how that turned out. As long as the club workers have seen the video, then we good."

In addition to motivating people to pick their noses in clubs, Werdsmith's musical effort will no doubt lead to football players celebrating routine plays by pretending to pick their noses through their helmets.

"Most definitely, I'll be picking my nose after I make a sack," New York Giants defensive end Osi Umenyiora, who was one of the many Giants defensive players who mimed a jump shot after making a play because rapper Jim Jones did it in his "We Fly High" video, promised. "Picking noses may not have anything to do with football, but neither did jump shots and that never stopped us. Thank goodness for rap songs or I would have no idea how to celebrate on the football field or what to do with my hands in the club."



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