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Just The Sports: He's Back

Just The Sports

Monday, April 17, 2006

He's Back

Monday means only one thing. Peter King is back and as dumb as ever. Let the clowning begin.

10. The winner of the smartest signing in all of free agency (after Adam Vinatieri, of course) is Tampa Bay.

This sentence really doesn't make sense at all. Unless, of course, Adam Vinatieri is the name of an NFL franchise or Tampy Bay is the name of a person. Since neither one is those things, I am going to re-write the sentence as it should have been written to begin with.

10. The winner of the smartest signing in all of free agency (after Indianapolis, of course) is Tampa Bay.

There. Much better.

1. I think the reports over the weekend that the New Orleans Saints are interested in drafting Matt Leinart with the second pick in the draft are absurd. The Saints are not taking Leinart, not unless they want to set a world record for dumbness. You don't spend what they spent on Drew Brees ($10 million in the first year of the deal, $12 million due in a roster bonus next March) and then go spend $22 million more in guaranteed money on another quarterback.

Previously, in this article, Peter spent two paragraphs detailing how NFL contracts are never as lucrative as they appear, because of back-loaded money and big roster bonuses. Every big contract is usually quietly reconstructed if a player wants to remain with a team. In other words, whenever you see a large roster bonus, $12 million for example, that is usually a red flag that the player will never see the money. So why Peter now thinks Brees's contract situation is more stable than Terrell Owens's contract is a mystery. Actually, the two contracts are very similar because they both have $10 million in guaranteed money in the first year, Brees through his signing bonus and Owens through his $5 million signing bonus and the $5 million roster bonus he will be getting sometime this summer.

If Peter King really thinks the Saints will actually be giving Brees a $12 million roster bonus next March, then he is as dumb as he looks.

And that is saying something.

a. Tom Rinaldi, you made me cry. I used to work with Tom at CNN and now he's with ESPN doing tremendous work. His piece over the weekend on Travis Roy, the quadriplegic former Boston University hockey player, was one of the most touching pieces I've ever seen. How about when his father said, between sobs, "It's a lousy life." What great work.

Yes, what great work. It really takes great journalistic acumen to get someone to cry during an interview. Especially about a subject so trivial as knowing your son will never be able to walk again.


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