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Just The Sports: More Peter King Mailbag=More Idiocy

Just The Sports

Wednesday, May 31, 2006

More Peter King Mailbag=More Idiocy

It is a rare Tuesday where I point out Peter King's idiocy, but his inability to admit when he is wrong warrants it. Of course, this is about baseball, which he knows absolutely nothing about.

HE LIKES ME CALLING JETER THE BEST. From Andy Riordan, of Lisbon Falls, Maine: "Just agreeing with you regarding Jeter. As a lifetime Red Sox fan, I used to sell newspapers before games at Fenway at age 10. When we play the Yankees, the player I don't like to see up in a crucial situation is Jeter. I just don't understand why A-Rod is considered the best [sic] overall player.''

Couldn't agree more.

To help you, Andy, and you, Peter, understand why A-Rod is considered the better overall player, I present to you...statistics.

A-Rod: 8.09
Jeter: 6.45

A-Rod: 145
Jeter: 121

A-Rod: .309
Jeter: .290

Wins Above Replacement Player (WARP1)
A-Rod: 101.3
Jeter: 62.2

Range Factor (at shortstop)
A-Rod: 4.42
Jeter: 4.09

Fielding Runs Above Average
A-Rod: 67
Jeter: -121


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