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Just The Sports: Colin Cowherd's Dumb Statement of the Day

Just The Sports

Monday, June 19, 2006

Colin Cowherd's Dumb Statement of the Day

During his show today, Colin Cowherd called all NBA GMs, who would draft Tyrus Thomas or LaMarcus Aldridge over proven college stars like Brandon Roy and Marvin Williams, idiots.

Since there is no Marvin Williams in this draft (he was drafted 3rd last year by the Atlanta Hawks), it will be hard for the NBA GMs to avoid looking like idiots to Colin. To his credit, Colin did get half of the correct player's name right (he meant Marcus Williams, point guard from UCONN), but I have more of a problem with Colin suggesting Marcus Williams is a top 5 pick.

Any NBA GM with a top five pick who would draft Marcus Williams is the true idiot. Williams is, at best, the fourth best point guard in the draft class (in my opinion). He is a pudgy (12.4% body fat), below-average athlete (tested last in the NBA physical combines among all guards in the draft) whose two above-average abilities are his passing and his ability to maintain NCAA eligibility after receiving probation for stealing laptops.

CORRECTION: After further review (stats are for complete collegiate career), it would seem like Marcus Williams is not the fourth best point guard in the draft; he is more like the third best behind Farmar and Lowry, depending on whether you want a point guard to pass only or to score as well. I took a look at the effective field goal percentage, true shooting percentage, points per shot, assist rate (per 100 possessions), and turnover rate (per 100 possessions) for the top four point guards in the draft. Here is how they stack up against each other.

Jordan Farmar: .478
Kyle Lowry: .465
Marcus Williams: .452
Rajon Rondo: .435

Kyle Lowry: .539
Jordan Farmar: .532
Marcus Williams: .521
Rajon Rondo: .465

Kyle Lowry: 1.08
Jordan Farmar: 1.06
Marcus Williams: 1.04
Rajon Rondo: 0.93

Marcus Williams: 2.3/1
Rajon Rondo: 1.9/1
Kyle Lowry: 1.6/1
Jordan Farmar: 1.3/1


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