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Just The Sports: Listen To Riquelme

Just The Sports

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Listen To Riquelme

Riquelme: Carlos, um, we need to talk. Carlos, are you listening to me? Carlos, would you stop smiling for a second and listen to me?

Tevez: Sorry, Juan, but there's this mime across the street and he's acting like he can't get out of a box. Do you see him? There isn't even a box there. Juan, you're not even looking...

Riquelme: Listen, Carlos, you know how much I think of you. You're one of the best young footballers in the world and so you have an obligation-

Tevez: A what?

Riquelme: A duty-

Tevez: Juan, are you mad at me?

Riquelme: No, I'm not mad at you. It's's just...your eyebrows, man.

Tevez: What's wrong with them?

Riquelme: They're out of fucking control is what's wrong with them. You shouldn't have only one eyebrow.

Tevez: You shouldn't?

Riquelme: No. You have two eyes. You need two eyebrows.

Tevez: That does make sense.

Riquelme: So promise me you'll get your eyebrows taken care of. I know you have the money.

Tevez: I'll think about it.

Riquelme: No, Carlos. Don't think about it. Do it.

Tevez: Okay, Juan.


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