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Just The Sports: Ghana Want to Advance, Too

Just The Sports

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Ghana Want to Advance, Too

Eric Wynalda, of ESPN commentator fame, called the US-Ghana match today the "most important game in US soccer history." Of course this is a ridiculous claim to make, but hyperbole gets you a job with ESPN, right, Eric?

Since Wynalda did not clarify, I can only surmise that he meant US men's soccer because I think the US women winning the final match in the 1999 World Cup would be more important than today's pool play match. But even if he did mean only men's soccer, Wynalda is still wrong because in the 2002 World Cup, the men's team made it to a quarterfinal match where they were robbed of a goal against Germany. And Eric wants me to believe that a pool play match is more important? Come on.

Lost amidst the hubbub surrounding the scenario where the US can advance with a win against Ghana and a Czech Republic loss is the fact Ghana can advance with a win against the US and a Czech Republic loss. And unlike the US, Ghana can advance (provided they win) should Italy and the Czech Republic tie. Lest I forget, Ghana also move on to the knockout stage with a tie and an Italy win.

It's good to know that Claudio Reyna is in top "fragile: do not touch" form and is out for the remainder of the match.


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