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Just The Sports: Tom Brady Comes Clean

Just The Sports

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Tom Brady Comes Clean

In a heartfelt interview with Barbara Walters, Tom Brady admitted that he had been harboring a secret for twenty-eight years, that secret being that contrary to the opinions espoused by sports analysts and commentators everywhere he does not in fact know how to win. Brady also commented on how hard it had been to reveal his secret to the rest of the world knowing how many people he was letting down by telling the truth, but said that was far better than living the rest of his life as a lie and allowing people to believe something about him that simply was not true.

When Walters asked him how he, Tom Brady, could have had so much success in his playing career and be a three-time Super Bowl winning quarterback without ever learning how to win, Brady commented, "It was just something I never picked up as a little kid playing Pop Warner. When you are as good as I was and still am at football and winning games, people just assume that you already know how to win. That just wasn't the case for me. To be honest, Peyton Manning knows more about how to win and he can't even get past the second round of the playoffs."

Later during the interview, Brady recounted how fearful he was that he would be found out for the fraud he felt like, thinking that after every practice and every game someone would come up to him and inform him his secret was no longer a secret. Tom even carried that burden with him to the University of Michigan where his lack of confidence in his knowledge of how to win almost led him to quit football altogether.

"Being at Michigan was probably the hardest period of my life," Brady stated, "because they have such a winning tradition and I felt that everyone dressed in maize and blue knew how to win but me. Then one day I had an epiphany and it was like a great weight had been lifted off my shoulders. I looked at Lloyd Carr, really looked at him for the first time since I met him, and saw that he didn't know how to win any more than I did. That's when I knew I could still be a successful quarterback and that's when my career really took off."

Brady has pledged to finally do what he should have done as a youngster by going back to school and learning how to win from such teachers as John Elway and Joe Montana, who may not have always put up the gaudiest numbers but were legendary for their ability to know how to just win games. Dan Marino also reached out to offer his assistance, but Brady rejected it outright saying everyone in his right mind knows Marino doesn't know how to win, either.



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