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Just The Sports: Vince Young And Michael Vick

Just The Sports

Thursday, November 30, 2006

Vince Young And Michael Vick

Those who continue to compare Vince Young and Michael Vick should immediately cease and desist because there is a clearly superior quarterback between the two. There are those who wish to compare the two because they are both black and can run, doing so is such a simplistic view of the two quarterbacks' characteristics that it has almost become embarrassing to witness.

The biggest difference between the two quarterbacks in college was the experiences both had as passing quarterbacks. By virtue of staying at the University of Texas longer than Vick stayed at Virginia Tech, it makes sense that Young attempted more passes than Vick in games where he was the featured quarterback; Young ended up throwing 54% more passes in college. Not only did Young throw more cumulative passes, he threw significantly more passes during individual games, averaging 22.1 passes in those games to Vick's 17.0 attempts per game. Those extra five passing attempts should not be underestimated in terms of how they help a player mature as a quarterback, especially when a player who averaged such a paltry amount of passes in college is then expected to average 26.1 passes per game against professional competition, which Vick has had to do when he has been the featured Falcons quarterback.

Young was also more accurate than Vick during college with a completion percentage of 62.9% compared to Vick's 56.2%. Surprisingly, Young was actually a better runner in college as well, mostly because he is more difficult to sack and sacks count against college quarterbacks' rushing totals. There is no area in which Vince Young is Michael Vick's inferior so it is not a difficult conclusion to reach that when all is said and done, Young will have ended up with career numbers that will be of a different nature from Vick's because he is a different quarterback.



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