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Just The Sports: Makes Sense To Me

Just The Sports

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Makes Sense To Me

Why wouldn't the University of Miami hire the man who has overseen the only aspect of Miami football that has actually improved since the Butch Davis Era?

From that October 2 post:

As for the defense, there are statistically significant differences (pass completions, passing yards, points per game, yards per pass attempt, and completion percentage) between the two eras and the difference all favor Miami's defenses under Larry Coker so the defenses have not been to blame for the decline unless they continue on the path they are on in 2006. Four games into this season, quarterbacks are completing 59.2% of their passes and averaging 202.0 yards per game with 8.2 yards per pass attempt.

The completion percentage is the highest Miami defenses have allowed since 1997 when they were 5-6 and having to deal with having numerous scholarships taken away thanks to an NCAA infraction, the average passing yards is the highest since 2000, and the yards per pass attempt is the highest of any Coker or Davis-led team. Since these games account for only one-third of the season, there is still a lot of time to turn that around, especially since they only have a couple games against veteran successful quarterbacks left.

I should have said defenses under Randy Shannon.

Those curious about my predictive abilities will be relieved to find out I was right about Miami turning around their pass defense. At season's end, opposing quarterbacks finished with a 50% completion percentage, fourth among Miami teams in that category since 2001. Only two of Butch Davis's allowed a lower completion percentage.



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