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Just The Sports: Western Conference vs. Eastern Conference Pt. II

Just The Sports

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Western Conference vs. Eastern Conference Pt. II

While it has already proven that the majority of Western Conference teams are better than their Eastern Conference counterparts, there is still a couple questions that require an answer. Namely, it is time to uncover which divisions, both in the Western and Eastern Conferences, are the best when facing off against opponents from the opposite conference. Now, the answers will not shock the NBA fan world to any extent, but they are still worth revealing.

Not surprisingly, the Western Conference division who has performed best against teams in the East is the Southwest division, the usual division suspect for NBA superiority by virtue of having both the Dallas Mavericks and the San Antonio Spurs call it home. Although the Southwest division is the best overall Western Conference division when playing Eastern Conference teams, this does it is the most offensively efficient division. That honor goes to the Pacific division, which has a 109.1 to 107.2 advantage over the Southwest, but the Southwest holds foes to a lower defensive efficiency relative to its offensive efficiency. Bringing up the rear is the mostly non-descript Northwest Division.

Concerning the Eastern Conference division who performs the best in contests versus the Western Conference teams it is the Central division, which again is not a complete surprise considering it contains the Detroit Pistons among other Eastern Conference elite teams. It stands to reason that the Eastern Conference teams that play the best against the Western Conference will have little to no problem when it comes to playing fellow Eastern Conference squads. Also, if this trend continues, then the safe bet would be to say that the franchise representing the Eastern Conference will hail from the Central Division. The Southeast and Atlantic divisions are second-best and third-best, respectively and have little reason to be proud of themselves.

By the way things are turning out, it says more about an Eastern Conference team to play Western Conference teams well than it does for a Western Conference team that is able to dominate Eastern Conference teams with ease.



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